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Release Date: September 27th

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My first love was my brother’s best friend.

A lead singer in their band. A picture of rugged perfection. And a drunk soul mate who couldn’t commit.

My second love was an arrogant baseball player.

A player in every sense of the word. A smooth-talking, reliable best friend. And a chance at something beautiful and true.

The problem with having a first and second love? That would be loving them at the same time.

My story isn’t some sexy triangle. It’s exquisite agony.

Fate gave me two men to love, but none of us knew which one I could keep.

Ella, Ella, Ella. I would have liked to think we are friends (though we've never met) but then you do this to me...
Serenading Heartbreak is a brutal, angst filled Mack truck of emotions barreling down the freeway at a helpless and very stuck reader while they pray it will go around them...Except Ella is driving said truck with no brakes at full speed and shows zero remorse as she grins a twisted smile in our direction. The sheer malicious joy in her eyes should have been a warning...BUT NO, this hopeless romantic was like "no Ella would never!" WRONG. Ella did. ELLA WAS HAPPY TO RUN YOU OVER WITH THAT BIG @SS TRUCK! SHE WAS GIGGLING IN GLEE WHILE YOU LAY BLEEDING OUT CLUTCHING FOR SOMETHING, ANYTHING....CLINGING TO HOPE!!!!

It's safe to say that Ella Fields is NOT my friend. 😂 The blurb to Serenading Heartbreak is exactly what you need to expect. Do not let your unicorn wishing heart twist that blurb into glitter dust and cupcakes! No, Ella Fields is a savage. She is going to lull you into a false sense of forever and then ravage what's left of your heart over and over again. Do not fall for it. Be strong. Hope is dead. Don't believe in hope...

Ugh, fine. I can't even pretend to be pessimistic. Serenading Heartbreak is the best kind of hurt money can buy. It may not feel like it, you may not like me either, but this book is going to hurt in the best way possible. You will fall helplessly in love with two men. You will declare your allegiance to both while pitying Stevie for the same. Allegiance will change, hearts will be broken, but HOPE (that twisted b!tch) will be waiting to wrap you in her arms and keep you hanging on with desperate grabby hands. You won't even truly be mad either. Hope has a way of convincing us that all will be perfect. Everything will work out in the end...

Today, Hope was right!

Reviewed for Sweet Spot Sisterhood

* * *

Ella Fields is the mistress of angst noone does it better. Her storytelling never fails to pull me in and I always end up obsessed with the characters.

Ella has written a heart-stoppingly emotional story. This will test your boundaries of what your comfortable with. The reader is taken on a journey that you may not want to go on. Every drop of pain you feel is worth it. Usually in a love triangle I have a favourite the one I want the heroine to end up with. Ella wrote characters of such depth my heart was just as conflicted as Stevie. Everett and Aiden two very different men both so worthy of love.

Everything I adore about love triangles is in this book. The heartache the pain and the guilt of loving two men. At times it felt like my emotions has reached their maximum. You broke me Ella. So deserving of more than 5 stars.

* * *


We bumped into the counter and he cursed, muttering an apology as he set me on it. Removing my jacket, I could hardly breathe when his teeth sank into my lip. His hands pulled at my tank, tugging it and my bra down over my breasts.

“Fuck.” He tore his mouth away, lowering to my chest as he unzipped his jeans.

I gripped his face, needing those lips back on mine, then I reached for his waistband, shoving his jeans and briefs down.

He helped, and then pulled me right to the edge, testing my entrance with his thumb before licking the digit and pushing my panties aside. “I still have your other pair,” he said, his breath rattling as he pushed at my opening.

“Wha–oh, shit.” He rammed inside, and my head rolled.

He slammed in and out, again and again, one hand around my leg that’d been looped behind him, and the other behind my head as he bent over and hammered into me, sucking at my throat.

It’d been so long, and I felt just how long as the discomfort slowly fled and pleasure began to flood my bloodstream. “I-I think I’m coming…”

Everett chuckled, the sound dark. “You think? Clover, when I’m fucking you, you know damn well you’re coming.” Then he lifted me and spun us around until my back met the cool exterior of the fridge, magnets digging into my ass while I kept my legs wrapped tight around him.

I mumbled incoherent pleas to his tongue as it slid over mine. Our teeth clacked, his hips jerking up so fast and hard, I was on the edge and shaking for what felt like minutes. “So fucking beautiful. So fucking mine. Say it.” He reached between us to flick me into a million shattering pieces. “Say it while you come because of me.”

“Yours,” I rasped, and he held my face as he jerked and stilled, his forehead hard on mine and his breath choppy as it drifted inside my mouth.

We remained like that, eyes locked, our thundering hearts taking their time to slow and calm. His finger drifted over my cheek, and his cock softened inside me.

“You’ve wrecked me, Clover.”

About the Author:

Ella Fields is a mother and wife who lives in Australia.

While her kids are in school, you might find her talking about her characters to her cat, Bert, and dog, Grub.

She’s a notorious chocolate and notebook hoarder who enjoys creating hard-won happily ever afters.

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