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#NewRelease #Review ADDICT by Piper Frost @Author_MPiper @HQ_Frost

Piper Frost


Addict, the first book in Piper Frost’s Kenshaw Ranch series is here!


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Finding true love in a small town is damn near impossible. It’s either marry your high school girlfriend or pray someone new comes around so you can knock her boots off before anyone else does. If that fails, maybe the next town over has a good time to offer. 

Unless you’re me. 

I’m Brandt Kenshaw and I fell in love with the one girl I wasn’t supposed to. 

My step sister. 

She moved in straight from rehab and is now living on my dad’s ranch in the guesthouse. 

My guesthouse. With me. 

She’s a drug addict. Or she was. Covered in tattoos and pitch-black hair, she looks about as at home on this farm as I’d look in her big city. She sleeps all day, eats all my peanut butter, and refuses to help out on the ranch. Doesn’t matter though. Not much does when I realize she’s the spur to my boot and I don’t fight it for near as long as I should. 

As if hiding the relationship from our parents isn’t hard enough, my crazy brother is determined to watch it go up in smoke. 

We’re addicted to each other, but this is one addiction I hope she doesn’t kick. 

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5 of 5 stars

Loved this Forbidden Romance! 

A yummy, good-spirited cowboy.

A hardened, recovering addict city girl. 

Both saddled with barely bridled attraction to one another (see what I did there?).

The twist? They’re step-siblings! 

Watch the attraction and mayhem unfold as you read about Brandt and Jo! This book is super hot and angsty as Jo and Brandt try to navigate this touchy situation. Jo’s estranged-newly-reacquainted mother is walking on eggshells as she ties to mend her relationship with her daughter. Brandt’s father is old school cowboy. A romantic relationship such as this is sure to bring hellfire to the ranch. 

Read it today! 

Check out what early reviews are saying:
The storyline and background will gut you knowing that it’s an absolutely viable situation in today’s society. Be prepared to be offended, swoon a bit, fear for the safety of the characters, angry, and yes, a tear or two may fall. This story allows you to experience it all.”- Melinda 

Oh My God, first where do I sign up for a farm boy? This is the first of what I hope will be a (large) number of awesome books in this series.”- Kim 

Fun, flirty but evened out with real, gritty, and dangerous undertones...great start to a series! Don't be put off by forbidden.”-Erika (Book Haven Book Blog) 

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