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#NewRelease #Reviews KISS AND BREAK UP by Ella Fields @jennw23 @_EllaFields

You’re not supposed to kiss your best friend. 

Kiss and Break Up, an all-new angst-filled, friends to lovers New Adult romance from Ella Fields, is available now!

Dashiell Thane wasn’t a nice guy.

He was an abrasive, demanding, conniving, intolerable brat. 

Yet somehow, we’d been best friends our whole lives. 

Until our senior year when I finally decided to dip my toes into the dating pool. 

All it took was one kiss for jealousy, lies, and betrayal to sweep in and propel us heart first into dizzying, hostile depths. 

You’re not supposed to kiss your best friend. 

You’re definitely not supposed to kiss your best friend while you’re dating someone else. 

And the absolute worst thing you could do is fall for your best friend.

Unless, of course, you want to ruin everything.


If you are old like me, you remember those "Bo knows" commercials. Well in this case, Ella knows angst! I discovered Ella Field's last year and refuse to let her go. I'm so glad we didn't Kiss and Break Up. (Shameless, plug.)

Kidding aside, Kiss and Break Up is so every teenaged angst scenario you could think of magically woven into these kids lives. Total props, btw, for getting one of my favorite tropes slipped in there. (Winks at Willa) It's fun, full of drama, and angst. Teens don't always have it easy. Ella Fields likes to keep it real. Even in an affluent, gold-digging society, she is true to her story and doesn't hold her punches. 

Leave it to Raven, Jack, Lars, and Dash to steal your heart. While they work their magic, Willa, Daphne, and Peggy, will become your newest best friends. I sincerely hope we get more from them in the future. Plus Peony needs to host a party. I could totally hang with her!

Reviewed for Sweet Spot Sisterhood

I'm well past the age of teenage angst but you know what I don't care i absolutely loved every hormone driven moment. 

Peggy and Dash took me back to my awkward high school years. The author did a great job bringing to life those struggles to fit in, your first kiss, unfortunately, I remember it well. He only cares about himself, he's moody has no filter, sometimes his words are cruel but I couldn't help myself I fell irrevocably in love with Dash. Peggy was an adorable quirky girl who doesn't know how others see her. Let's be honest I'm sure most of us felt like this in school. 

I loved their relationship I giggled lots at their banter. The whole story just made me smile and feel so happy. Ella is an author who always nails it when it comes to teenage angst.

reviewed for author arc team and Sweet Spot Sisterhood

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Ella Fields is a mother and wife who lives in the land Down Under. While her kids are in school, you might find her talking about her characters and books to her two cats. She’s a notorious chocolate and notebook hoarder who enjoys creating hard-won happily ever afters. 

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