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#NewRelease #Review #Audiobook THE TROUBLE WITH YOU by L.A. Cotton @authorlacotton


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The Trouble With You By LA Cotton
Narrated by Sarah Puckett and Wen Ross

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5 of 5 stars

All the trouble resides with the Raiders! 

Or that's what Hailee would like you to believe! The Trouble With You is a book you cant put down and an audiobook that you will try and squeeze in even when you don't have time. (Hence my typing this at 12:05 after having just finished😉)
Hailee and Cam aren't strangers, at least not to me. I already read the book. loved the book. Told everyone in hearing range (as well as Insta and Facebook) about the book. Now let me tell you how much better it is in audio! Wen Ross has a voice that will make you stutter to stop while doing you chores. (I have proof!) I was cooking and legit forgot what I was doing because his voice, his emoting, and his words had me stopping to pay attention. (No worries, I was able to save dinner.) The sexy deep voice is perfect for Cam. He had me wishing I was watching it as a movie just so I could watch his facial expressions as well. And Sarah! As my first Sarah Puckett audiobook, I can say I will be searching the list for more. Her voice and her emotions were right on. She brought Hailee to life in a whole new way for me. The sarcastic quips and snide comments take on a new life with her attitude behind them. 
I loved everything about this book/audiobook except for one thing...its over! 

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