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#NewRelease #Reviews UNTIL WE ARE GONE by Gia Riley @jennw23 @AuthorGiaRiley

Until We Are Gone, an all-new Standalone Emotional Romance by Gia Riley is NOW LIVE!!

I wanted a family with Cash.

We had dreams –building a house, kids, a dog, and, yes, even the white picket fence.

Or so I’m told.

I don’t remember anything about my husband. Not the wedding or the vows we shared.

The past ten years were erased and with time, they’re supposed to come back.

But this isn’t your typical case of amnesia

What if I’m not supposed to remember?

What if I was meant to forget?

Maybe I don’t want my old life back.

Because if the accident hadn’t happened, I wouldn’t have uncovered the truth.

Losing my memory wasn’t tragic.

Losing my memory was fate. 

This book was a total surprise I thought I knew where the story would go but the author totally surprised me.

When Meadow wakes up in hospital she has no memory of her life with Cash her husband. Cash has been at her bedside since the accident waiting for the love of his life to wake up. 

From the moment she returns home the story changes because she's not coping. Like her I felt something was wrong I had an idea but could I be on the right track. Meadow turns to alcohol it becomes her best friend her coping mechanism. When things come to ahead she a given the choice of rehab or jail. 

This was a twisty book it's part love story part mystery and it had me hooked. I found myself questioning everything and everyone. Is Cash a good guy fighting for his marriage or is he a sinister manipulator. Is Meadow losing her mind or is she right to be suspicious.

I enjoyed the twist and turns the story took it kept me guessing and wanting to know more.

* * *

Certain authors keep you on edge, it doesn't matter the genre, the feel of the book, or the blurb. Some authors just make you expect the unpredictable. Gia Riley has created a monster. After the Broken Wings duet, I can't help but be paranoid. Like Mel Gibson in Conspiracy Theory, I start drafting charts and venting insane theories to everyone within messaging distance. Straight up Cray Cray! It's not my fault.

So Until We Are Gone became a crusade to prove I'm not going crazy...but as the crazy person I was hard to prove. Until We Are Gone is definitely going to drive you a bit batty. Connections are made and a bond you have makes everything difficult. 

Choices need to be made. And this journey isn't going to be smooth...
It's cornstalks smacking you in the face and falling out a window kind of crazy, but in the end it's worth every cuticle destroying minute.

Reviewed for Sweet Spot Sisterhood

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About Gia Riley
Author Gia Riley has been in love with writing romance since high school when she took her very first creative writing class. From the small but mighty state of Delaware, she’s a country girl at heart, traveling back to her roots in Pennsylvania as often as she can.
While New Adult and Contemporary romance have been her passion, she’s dabbled with more erotic plotlines lately, enjoying discovering the sexier side of love with each story she pens. After all, she’s a lover of all things romance – a firm believer that everyone deserves their
happily ever after no matter what it takes to get there.
When she’s not writing, you can find her roaming the aisles of Kirkland’s, up to her elbows in Play-doh, or trying to hunt down spoilers for her favorite reality television show.

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