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[Sisterhood Review Bundle] JUST LIKE THAT by Nicola Rendell @AuthorNRendell @ArdentPRose

by Nicola Rendell


"I bet I can untangle you."

At an airport baggage claim, Penny Darling looks up from her knotted mess of ear buds to find the sexiest hunk of man she's ever seen. He's got a military haircut, a scar through his eyebrow, and he's rocking a pastel pink dress shirt like only a real man can. But Penny is on a man-free diet so she leaves the airport without succumbing to his delicious double-entendres...or his dreamy dimples.

PI Russ Macklin can't take his eyes off Penny. As she sashays out of the airport with hips swaying and curls bouncing, he suspects they may share more than just sweltering chemistry. That suitcase she's rolling along behind her? It looks a lot like his.

Because it is.

When he tracks her down, he holds her bag hostage in exchange for a date. Their night begins with margaritas and ends in urgent care, and Russ proves that Cosmo's theory about a very particular type of orgasm was oh-so-wrong.

In Penny, Russ finds a small-town sweetheart with a very naughty side. For the first time ever, he’s thinking about picket fences. Penny finds in Russ a loving, caring man who understands the power of massaging showerheads.

But Russ is only in Port Flamingo for a week. They agree it'll be a fling and nothing more. Because really, they can't fall ass-over-teakettle in love just like that...

Can they?
Dual POV. No cheating.
Featuring a big drooly dog named Guppy.

Review by Becky Rendon

I had an absolute blast reading this book. The zany characters and off the wall situations make it hard to put this book down.

It starts with a sexy man and a woman meeting at the airport. A chance meeting turns into the most memorable rejection in his mind. But all's fair in vacation hook ups, right?

Something like that! The mystery woman can't get far. Russ intends to see to that.

With only one week, neither expects anything other than "good company" (snicker). But the ensuing week leads to the wildest journey with completely unexpected results! Somethings can't be unseen!!!

Are you looking to be highly entertained? Look no further than Mayor Jeffers. Or perhaps you are looking for things abit more wild! Try GLAD To Be Alive. How about vendetta pursuing besties? Yes, this book has it all.

reviewed for Sweet Spot Sisterhood

Review by AnessaRenee

I live when I read something that isn't necessarily what I expect it to be. This story made me laugh throughout the whole thing. If your looking for a well written story and want to laugh and enjoy a book you cant out down than this is the book for you. No spoilers here and the recap does a good job of telling you why its about.

reviewed for Sweet Spot Sisterhood


Review by Sam Lewis

This review of Just Like That by Nicola Rendell is for The Sweet Spot Sisterhood Blog. I absolutely love Nicola and I love this book. I want to move to small town Florida as a result of reading it. Just Like That is the story of Russ and Penny. Russ is a private investigator and Penny is a small town Florida girl on a man diet. Yep you read that right a man diet. She has picked some real winners in the past and just wants to focus on herself for a while. Well, that is until she has a chance run in with the sexy likes of Russ at the airport luggage return. As luck would have it, they have the same exact suitcase and they end up with each other's bag. I'm not going to say anything else, I don't want to anything away. Will Russ be just like rest or has Penny found "The One"?

I could not wait to get my hands on this book. I read this book two weeks ago and I still remember everything about it. Nicola writes book that stay with you. I still remember her other two books that I have read. I just love the way she writes. I love the dual point of view. I really like knowing what goes through both of the main character's heads. I absolutely love all of the quirky side characters. The mayor is a hoot and I wouldn't want to mess with Penny's best friend. Sleep with one eye open if you know what I mean. Just Like That is a RomCom that you definitely need to read.

Reviewed for Sweet Spot Sisterhood


Review by Anne Milne

Not sure what I expected from this book but it certainly wasn't the laugh out loud fun that I got.
The premise of the story was good it's something I could see happening quite easily. Penny bumps into Russ at the airport he tries chatting her up and asking for her phone number but she having none of it, she's on a man free diet. When she's walking away he realises she has his suitcase, he sees this as the perfect opportunity to see her again.
I really enjoy when we get a dual perspective story as we do here, told over the week they have together it's a funny and at times poignant story. You will need to buy the book to find out if their connection can lead to more or will the distance prove too much.

reviewed for Sweet Spot Sisterhood


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