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#NewRelease #Reviews #CardsOfLove THE SUN by Stevie J. Cole @jennw23 @StevieJCole

The Sun, an all-new Standalone Emotional Second Chance Romance by Stevie J. Cole is NOW LIVE!

From Goodreads Choice Awards finalist, Stevie J. Cole comes an epic tale of misunderstood youth and an undying, unconditional love that spans decades. The cliche in love stories is that the good girl falls for the bad boy who smells of leather and exhaust from his motorcycle, and at the end of the day love conquers all. The stories make it seem so easy. Life, on the other hand, makes it hard. The awful truth is: sometimes love leaves you in ruins. Elias Black may have had a sleeve of tattoos and grown up on the wrong side of the tracks, but he didn’t have a true bad bone in his body. I loved him from the moment he kissed me, when I knew I no longer owned my heart, until the world pulled us apart. And then I wanted nothing more than to unlove him, and he wanted nothing more than to unlove me. I was just a girl who fell in love with a boy who fell in love with me until. . . 

Isn't the cover just so pretty it's such a great representation of the characters and the story.

Sunny and Elias stole my heart just as quickly as they stole each others. A young girl a young boy an innocent friendship that will make you believe in soul mates. 

The words in this story and the way it's written wrapped around me like a warm fluffy blanket insulating me from harm. A forbidden love affair that spans years, the cliched bad boy and the good girl but there is nothing predictable about this story. You know a fall is coming but you pray for the sun and the moon to be together. 

"The moon and the sun. The first star-crossed lovers doomed to an eternity of almost."

There are so many quotes I could use that sum up this story and so much I could say about how I felt whilst reading. I felt the joy of them together I felt the pain of their separation but what I always felt was love.

A truly beautiful wonderfully written story. If I could I would give it 10 happy joy filled ❤❤

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I swear I'm not biased. Hear me out before you judge my version of sloppy tongue kisses.
Cards of Love: The Sun is EVERYTHING!!!!!
Did you hear that- everything!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

It is an epic love story. EPIC LOVE STORY. An epic love story is one that any and everyone can connect to in some way. The Sun is epic. Pardon my slobbery drooling over this book. I get you aren't there yet but you will be. Elias Black is the dream. ( I know his faults but listen!) He is the broody misunderstood boy of your youth. He is the secret crush you had in second grade. He is the fairy tale best friend turned boyfriend you always wished for. The secret crush on the guy next door kind. (Don't fib,we've all had them.) He is the childhood dreams mixed with hormonal teenage fantasy. But the icing on the cake...his undying, unconditional love. That right there ladies and gents, is some Noah notebook, kind of love.

Epic doesn't mean painless. It doesn't mean unicorns shitting glitter. Epic survives. Epic grows. Epic can't help but love. The Sun is EPIC.

Now that I have explained the epic...
Let me just say that this cast of characters will pull you up by you hands and throw you over their shoulders if you are sinking in the feels. The perfect blend of all the feels to keep it a well rounded story without making you disintegrate into a pile of total ash Voldemort style. (Don't mistake my comment. You aren't Voldemort in this scenario, you are going to be Fawkes.) The perky and slightly ridiculous best friend for the win with her antics and general ability to keep you on your toes makes her a priceless part of the cast. But my heart truly goes out to the one who stole it first...

Elias Black. He is, was, and will always be in my heart. The wisdom and love that courses through his young, hardened heart is enough to make this 36 year old beg for her own. ( I would find a way to break it to my husband. P.S. Stop looking at me like I'm a cougar- we are closer in age now that its 2018!)

There are so many incredible quotes that I had to share. I have a freak chat thread dedicated to them but I cannot share them. I almost think it would cheat you out of the feels. So know that if you need to chat and share THE QUOTE that did you in, or the other 600, you marked. I'm your girl. But remember, Elias is mine....but I share him with Sunny.

**Also, I am desperately begging the author to consider Elias Black shirts. Legit, t-shirts that say I <3 Elias Black with tattoo sleeves!!!! Help me make this happen!!!! I'm not above begging!

reviewed for Sweet Spot Sisterhood

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