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#NewRelease #Reviews THE PROBLEM WITH PEACE by Anne Malcom @malcom_anne


(Greenstone Security Book 3)

by Anne Malcom

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Everyone expects the fairy tale from me.

Because on the outside, I look like I live in a fantasy.

I'm a hopeless romantic.

I fall in and out of love.

I change careers, zip codes and hair colors on a whim.

I'm a free spirit without a care in the world.

I'm the one that loves everyone and hates no one.

But I've got a secret...

I'm not a free spirit.

Not really.

I'm not free at all.

My life is only designed to look chaotically peaceful.

I'm only designed to look like that.

Peace is lost to me.

Because I'm trying to escape something.

Trying to escape him.

My life isn't a fairy tale.

It's time the world saw that.


It's really hard to sum this book up, it touched on subjects that I've started to recently research and follow. One thing this book will definitely do and that'll get you thinking. 

Polly and Heath's story is love and life in a book and neither are easy. Both characters are infuriating at points I wanted to shake some sense into both of them. This is a story that's as real and raw as it gets, they don't half put the reader through the wringer emotionally. 

Is life perfect - no
Is life hard- yes
Is any love perfect - no
Is love worth the pain- yes

Another heart wrenching fantastically written story.

* * *

Dear God, this book is painful! It is not an exaggeration when the author says that it is not a fairytale. It isn't a bait and switch. It is not a tease. It is an utter truth. This book is the Grimm fairytale variety. It's harsh. It's ugly. It's real. It hurts like a mothertrucker!

I am a hopeless romantic. I see the happily ever after in everything. I hope against hope. I wish for magic and miracles. I know the hero is going to ride in and save the my books. Not in this one. Not in Polly's world.

Polly is ever the optimist. She is everything I wish to be and a side of crazy new age. She makes my wishful, hope-infused outlook seem like a b rated horror movie. She is literal sunshine and rainbows. But she's also a fraud and her own worst enemy.

So I hated this book. Not the writing. Not the characters -even when I wanted to shake them. I hurt physically from the loss of hope. I hated knowing that no matter how much I wanted to turn the page and see unicorns, it wasn't happening. I hated knowing that the knights in shining armor occasionally need time to put it on. I hated knowing the author spared no realism. The author made sure you knew exactly how bad life can be. I hated knowing it would get better but not at magical HEA speeds. I hated it. Which in a crazy way is why this book despite my hating it is so damn good. I

Yes, it's definitely worth the hurt and the soul-consuming pain. 

Reviewed for Sweet Spot Sisterhood

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