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#Tour #Reviews TICK TOCK by Jane Harvey-Berrick @jharveyberrick

TICK TOCK by Jane Harvey-Berrick

“If you love military romance, if you love suspense, then TICK TOCK will be for you”

"A story of courage and compassion in the darkest places”

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Prologue - James

We’re born alone and we die alone.

I’ve never been afraid of dying. It’s living that scares the hell out of me.

But in the bomb suit, I am utterly alone.

There is no today, no yesterday, no tomorrow.

Just here, right now.

There is no God, no Devil, no good, no evil.

Just me. And the sound of my breathing, loud and rhythmic.

Just me. And this bomb.

A bomb is a device that is designed to kill, maim or harass.

I’m not afraid. I don’t have time to be afraid.

The sun burns down, the light is a white haze, sweat runs into my eyes. The longer I’m out here, kneeling in the dust, the more vulnerable the team watching my back.

I can’t be quick. I have to be certain.

Because if I’m wrong, I die.

I am an EOD operator.




Bomb disposal.

I am the Tick Tock man.

That definitely did not go where I thought it was going! 

I'm new to this author and I was definitely a bit wary. Everything about this topic screamed "yikes". The blurb had me worried. The "trigger warning" had my guard up. In the end, it was a difficult book to read. I was honestly uncomfortable the majority of the book. I think the point was to bring across the differences in our two main characters and it shows. I just felt like too much emphasis went on their differences but then the story wasn't going where I had hoped either.

I am so nosey I need to know what happens next but at the same time I'm not sure I want to. The outcome may not have been my desire but it is certainly valid and true. 

Reviewed for Sweet Spot Sisterhood

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The first thing I want to say is the author has taken a risk with this book. They must have realised that the story was going to cause polarized opinions and they still published.

I can hand on heart say you will not have read a military love story like this before it's truly unique in the genre. The blurb gives you the background of the story and how Amira and James meet but hidden in the words is love in all its forms. Love comes in many guises, family, romantic, friendship and faith this book explores it all. This is a story that makes you think it will challenge your perceptions and beliefs.

Every person who reads this book will take something different from it. I really hope you take a chance on this beautifully written love story with a difference. 

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