Tuesday, December 11, 2018

#NewRelease #Review LOSING YOU by HB Jasick @HB1085 @IndieSagePR

Losing You
HB Jasick 
Publication Date: December 3, 2018 
Genres: Adult, Contemporary, Romance 

He was her happily ever after, until he wasn’t. 

When Mathew left, he took every dream they ever had together with him. Devastated and alone, Tabitha is forced to abandon the future she’s always dreamed of having, with the only boy she’s ever loved. She never imagined that she would have to start over at nineteen, before her life really began. As she suffers from a broken heart, Tabby must now face a brand new future completely on her own. 

She was his sister’s best friend. 

Brandon has been in love with Tabby for as long as he can remember. He never stood a chance before, because she’s always been in love with someone else. He’s been stuck on the sidelines for years, but that’s all about to change. She may not realize it yet, but she needs him. And he’s always needed her. 
Sometimes love isn’t a choice when fate decides. 

This was a beautiful and emotional read by a new and up-and-coming author H.B. Jasick!
This was a story of love and loss. You never know how long you will have with your loved ones or what could be waiting for you around the corner. Always strive to move forward, because there is love and life on the other side of grief. 
Tabitha’s story had some great twists and turns and all the feels you could want in this quick read. There is adequate backstory and enough “meat” to feel connected to all of the characters and really get a sense of who they are and how they feel. 
I look forward to reading more from this author and exploring her other genres!
About HB Jasick
I live in Springfield, Missouri with my husband, and our two daughters. We have a cat that thinks she’s a dog, an obnoxious Cocker Spaniel named Freckles, and two fish. I actually like the fish. I have a Bachelors Degree in Mathematics and History Education, that I don’t actual use, because I prefer to substitute teach instead. I lead the Brownies to my daughters’ Girl Scout Troop , and I review books for my little tiny blog on the side. I enjoy working out, when I can, which is not very often. I’m also determined to turn my house into my very own version of the library that Beast gave Belle, with bookshelves on every available wall. My Favorite things include: movies, music, books, dachshunds, the color brown, LISTS, The Denver Broncos, sushi, coffee, Moscato d’Asti, and terrorizing all of my friends. My favorite types of stories include Dark Romance, Psychological Thrillers, Dystopians, Horror, Suspense, Memoirs, and Historical Non-Fiction. My Favorite Books: Tess of the d’Urbervilles by Thomas Hardy & Public Enemies by Brian Burrough 

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