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#NewRelease #Reviews THE EX EFFECT by Karla Sorensen @EJBookPromos @ksorensenbooks

Title: The Ex Effect
Author: Karla Sorensen
Genre: Romantic Comedy
Release Date: December 5, 2018
Cover Design: Najla Qamber Designs

The headline could write itself:
Matthew Hawkins, star defensive end, comes out of retirement to play for the Washington Wolves. 
Which is perfectly fine by Ava Baker—it makes her job as publicist for the team easier. 
There’s only two problems. This particular football player was her first crush. 
The bigger problem: Matthew Hawkins was once engaged to her older sister. 
It’s been ten years since Ava has seen Matthew. He’s bigger, better looking, and best of all—completely single. Despite his history with her sister, the attraction between Ava and Matthew isn’t so one-sided anymore. 
It’s hot enough to burn down the entire city of Seattle. 
But this headline is far more complicated to write. And not just for the press or what it means for her family— because once her heart is involved, there’s no predicting the ending.

Oh hells yeah!!! Karla Sorensen brought her A game or should I say her Wolves...

I loved book one (The Bombshell Effect) of this series. It was dreamy and not so perfectly perfect. But this book, The Ex Effect, wow!!! It's a whole new ballgame! (You can smirk at that, I won't tell!)

It may be the same team (mostly) but this is a whole different play. A Hail Mary of epic proportions. The Ex Effect is filled with the stuff that makes us readers crazy:
- Terrible family dynamic that makes you both insane and want to drink copious amounts of alcohol even though they aren't yours
- History. Seriously dramatic history. Hard to get past history.
-Feels. Damn it. You aren't getting out of this book without an emotional connection. 
-hope. Tons of motherfluffing hope. The stars in your eyes, googly eyed kind

And let's not forget for men in tight pants who grunt and workout a lot flexing their insanely hot muscles... (What!?! It's a legit point.) I won't even have to point out that they are some of the sweetest, sexiest specimens in football. Nope. You know it. I know it. And if you're caught up you can help me portion for a certain silent and bloody guy to get his story. Lord knows we can't ask him. He'd never volunteer it. ­čśë

Reviewed for Sweet Spot Sisterhood

* * *

I loved the first book in the series so when I found out about this one i couldn't wait to get my hands on it. The blurb sets the story perfectly and intrigued me.

There is no way to disguise that Ava and Matthew's stir is going to be emotional and full of angst. And boy oh boy did the author bring it to the readers in spades. 

Like the previous book the author didn't give us a weak simpering female lead. Ava has made it on her own, she's strong successful sassy but how she can keep her eyes I'm in the locker room I don't know. She has more willpower than me that a for sure. Matthew is just ..... sigh I just loved him. He's charming kind, witty sexy a leader on the field and a boss on the bedroom. 

Some may not like the storyline because of their past history however the author does an amazing job getting the reader over that hurdle. What happens to family when a connection can't be denied.

* * *

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