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#NewRelease #Review WHEN ASHES FALL by Marni Mann @jennw23

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“When Ashes Fall is a tautly written, complex, and emotionally-charged love story that takes the reader on an unforgettable, unexpected, and deeply moving journey.” —USA Today

When Ashes Fall, an all-new standalone contemporary romance from best-selling author Marni Mann is live!

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It’s been said that you can’t love two men at the same time.
You can’t split your heart, soul, and body in half.
But I’m here to tell you, you can.
Dylan Cole is like ice, sharp and unpredictable, the thunder inside a tumultuous storm.
Smith Reid is warmth, soft and gentle, perfect like a sunny day.
Both are mine.
But I can have only one.
There are two sides to this tale.
I'm here to tell you mine.
If you think this story is about a cheater, you couldn’t be more wrong.

10 stars and all the sunny days

You absolutely cannot, I repeat CANNOT, read this book in public. I don't care how badass you think you are. You will not be able to read this with an audience. Thank God my children were at school when it really hit because I am certain at the very least they would have dragged my husband home to hold me. Worst case scenario, I would be explaining to the police and CPS why I can't stop sobbing.

This book makes The Fault in Our Stars look like those Little Golden books we read as kids. I have a mini migraine coming on from the uncontrollable sobbing. I can barely type this through my unending tears. 

There's so much love in this book. It radiates from the pages. If only that were all though...

When Ashes Fall starts out small. Your brain starts wondering. Your gut might clench. Then your paranoia, anger, and lashing out my start. I did. I sent plenty of messages demanding rewrites if this was going where I thought. (Those were ignored. FYI) Then came bargaining... I was pleading and begging. I even made ridiculous offers to try and change the outcome. I even contemplated stopping. I thought if I didn't finish it even get half way at that point it wouldn't hurt. I was so f@cking wrong. You see love isn't the only thing this book forces on the reader. You are physically helpless. You will feel lost, disoriented, and aimless. Hopelessness and shame. Fear, longing, and despair. Every single emotion is punched into your chest with each word read. This isn't the kind of writing where the emotions flow. No floating over you like a blanket. No! This is a building falling on you. Your chest is the exact focus of all that crushing weight. 

Now I am not saying to avoid this book! No f@cking way. No. I am saying this is a book you need to grieve. You need shelter. You need warmth. You need love. It is going to rip you to shreds and you will need help holding it together afterwards. 

I messaged the author in one of my rants and she said she couldn't do angst. Maury Povich and I say that is a big fat, motherf@cking lie! I would apologize for the uncouth cursing and profanity but I'm so out of sorts I can even get the words to emphasize how much I'm feeling. 

I'm still sobbing as I type this but I need you to take at least this from all my rambling- This is quite possible the best emotional rollercoaster I have ever been on. Just like with a rollercoaster, I was excited and nervous to start. Jumping up and down and squealing in glee with my friends. Once I clicked on it, I started to tap my foot and, okaaaaaay. And when this book took off I wasn't sure whether I should scream or laugh. When the fear replaced joy, I started sobbing uncontrollably. The ride ended but my body is still fighting the adrenaline, the emotions, and I'm exhausted. My head hurts. My eyes and nose are burning. And on the inside...I am experiencing sunny days. 

It may not be my first 10 star read (Its actually my second.) But I can't imagine another novel coming anywhere near close to it.

Thank you Marni for sharing you thoughts and feelings. People won't realize it quite as much while they read but there is no way not to understand once they hit the author's note. I know I said I would never love you again...But Maury called me out and said it was a lie.

Thank you for tearing my heart to shreds and holding the pieces in your hands for safe keeping. 

Oh and next time you want to tackle angst...warn me!

Reviewed for Sweet Spot Sisterhood

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Best-selling Author Marni Mann knew she was going to be a writer since middle school. While other girls her age were daydreaming about teenage pop stars, Mann was fantasizing about penning her first novel. She crafts sexy, titillating stories that weave together her love of darkness, mystery, passion, and human emotion. A New Englander at heart, she now lives in Sarasota, Florida with her husband and their two dogs who subsequently have been characters in her books. When she’s not nose deep in her laptop working on her next novel, she’s scouring for chocolate, sipping wine, traveling to new locations, and devouring fabulous books.

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