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#Reviews #Collection DON'T LET GO by Willow Winters @willowwintersbb

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Seductive. Addictive. Captivating.The irresistible heroes in these stories have those three features in common.Some stories are second chance; others are fated love. But every single one of them, you’ll crave to the last page.

**This is a collection of tales I loved but they're no longer available. These stories touched my heart, but were exclusive at the time, so if you didn’t snag them then, they were lost to you forever.

I wanted to make sure you could read all of my work and now you can. Happy reading, xx

The stories available in this collection are:

Infatuation, the first novella in the USA Today best-selling bundle, Drawn to Him.

Desires in the Night and Keeping Secrets, both shorts published in exclusive bundles with best-selling author Adriana Locke.

Bad Boy Next Door, a novella I wrote years ago that I still often think about. The damaged hero and second chance love in this romance is one I wish I could go back to often. It’s the final tale included in this collection for a total of 4 stories not available anywhere else! 


From the start this story has an air of both mystery and mysticism. Willow does a great job of setting the scene her words enable the reader to imagine the island. Love or lust at first sight? Or is magic at play?

Desires In The Night

This little novella is a delicious dirty sexy tease from start to finish. Have you ever had a dirty fantasy about a policeman? If so this will appeal to you. 

Keeping Secrets

Short but so sweet . Some secrets can bind you or they can destroy. When the secret is revealed my jaw hit the floor. Quick read with a surprising twist

Bad Boy Next Door

Gotta love me some bad boy. In Catherine and Ryker we get a swoony alpha who falls for the girl next door.

* * *

It wouldn't be Willow Winters without intrigue, questions, and an alpha with a past. I think she has the formula for guaranteed drool factor. Lust first, questions later, right? Instant infatuation...

I still have so many questions! Ahhh! Not only will you be drawn to him but without feel adrift.

Desires in the Night- 
Holy...! Um, yeah! Please officer! Talk about a delicious fantasy I didn't know I had...
Willow Winters has set us up with a scorcher! I can't resist a man in uniform!

Keeping Secrets-
Wow! I definitely wasn't expecting that bomb! But you are already in pieces when you realize that the blast is happening. Talk about intense. 

Bad Boy Next Door-
Oh yes! Naughty times with the "boy" next door! Bad Boy Next Door has the ability to change the reader into a teenager. I swear I giggles more than she did. It's the perfect amount of tension, lust, and happily ever after.

* * *

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