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* Re-Release Blitz * THE HEART'S SHRAPNEL by S. J. Lynn

Title: The Heart's Shrapnel
Author: S. J. Lynn
Genre: Military Suspense Romance
Coming Soon: May 31st, 2016


Phillip McClintock is currently serving as a Sergeant in the United States Army. But he's hiding a secret that no one, other than his close friends, can know. And this secret . . . it's personal. But, one problem turns into the next in this romantic suspense. His job can be dangerous. He has the scars to prove it. Which is exactly why he doesn't want this beauty, a surgeon's assistant, to get too close to him. Problem? He can't seem to stay away from her.
Jane Summers set out to Germany as a volunteer for the Army hospital. She's excited for the extra hands-on training. But, trouble arises when she falls for, Phillip, the sexy soldier that spells danger. After her Ex, Kevin, she swore to never get involved with another soldier again. However, there's something about Phillip that she finds herself being drawn to. Will she give in to what her heart wants, or will she learn from past experiences? As these two start to grapple with their feeling for each other, the world around them starts to unravel. Can they both set aside the past to have a future...one with each other?


I was in the middle of dreaming about that kiss, the kiss that revived my soul when someone wakes me up. Knowing it could be someone in trouble, I quickly sit up disoriented from my deep slumber. My eyes take a moment to focus, and when they do, I pray that I'm still dreaming. Because if this is real, I'm in for a rough ride.
Phillip stands in front of me, his eyes accusing. "Jane."
"Phillip?" I say in disbelief. I've wanted to know that he was safe, but I was hoping that it was from the mouth of someone else.
"Get yourself situated. I'll be outside. Don't be long."
He turns to leave to go outside. I sit here stunned at his abruptness. Of course, the latter shouldn't be that much of a shock since I did technically lie to him, but not really.
I wait a moment longer to make sure everyone else is still asleep. The last thing I need is for someone to report that I was seen sneaking out early to fraternize with a fellow worker, or heaven forbid, a patient.
Sighing, I readjust my tank and pajama bottoms and throw a long white T-shirt over me. It will have to do. Morning is about to break. People will be getting up soon, and he needs to leave. I find him just outside like he said waiting for me. His arms are folded and he wears no smile on his face. I hate that my heart still flutters just being near him. He doesn't even seem affected by me at all.
"What do you . . ."
"You lied to me." He spins around. His voice is eerily low with a harshness I've never heard from him before. The intensity of it causes me to take a step back, but he follows.
"I had to," I offer weakly.
"Lie to me? No." He shakes his head. "You lied because you made the conscientious decision to do so. I gave you a warning that you deliberately ignored."
I'm not sure why he keeps saying this. A warning? He acts like my life is in danger when in actuality it's his. He's the soldier. I cross my arms at my chest.
"I have no reason to need to take your advice or commands. You wanted nothing to do with me when we first met, and the next thing I knew, you decided to become a dictator in my life's affairs." I realize I'm starting to shout and so I take a deep breath to try and calm my nerves. "What do you want from me, Phillip?" He looks away. "Tell me.
Just be careful, and keep on the lookout. If anything happens, or you suspect anything." He faces back to me before digging into his pocket to hand me what looks to be a flip phone. It's already set up.
I stare at the foreign object in his hand like it will reach out and bite me. This is not allowed. I could be dismissed on the spot for having this. Is he trying to get me fired?
I square my shoulders back. "No."
"No?" He looks at me perplexed like he can't understand why I would refuse such a thing.
"Are you insane? Are you trying to get me dismissed? Because I think that is exactly what you are trying to do. It won't work." I turn to leave and he whips me back around, phone in hand, as he holds it up to my face. I glance from the phone to him.
"Take the ever-loving phone, Jane," he says. "And if I was so calloused of a bastard to get you fired, then I shouldn't be here. Since I'm not, you will take this, and you will use it."



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Adalind Carter finds herself in search of a new nursing assignment. She finally gets her wish when given an opportunity to travel to England for the private care of Evan Jacob Frederick, the Duke of Warlington, who is showing signs of awakening from a two month long coma. Upon accepting the position, it doesnít take long for her to discover just how little she knows about any of it...
While caring for the Duke, she discovers that someone doesn't want her to see to the proper care of this man. In fact, there are no records, no nurses, and no help. If only that were the worst of itÖ
Lying quickly becomes part of her job description, but falling for him wasnít. She knows something that could shatter his world, but telling him the truth could break his heart. Can she do as she is asked and keep this secret from him--one that she knows will be devastating? And can she provide the care he needs without giving into her desires? ...Only time will tell.

S.J. Lynn
For S. J. Lynn, books have always been a passion of hers, and a way of expression. As a child, even to this day, she spent most of her days daydreaming. What can she say? Now those daydreams are on paper being shared with many! Her goal is to help people be able to escape the anxieties of life through fiction. She hopes people will also fall in love with her characters; the ones sheís been imagining all her life, and now. S. J. Lynn is a wife to an adoring husband. Sheís also a proud aunt, and a loving daughter.
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