Sunday, May 29, 2016

Review: The Right Design by Isabella Louise Anderson

The Right Design The Right Design by Isabella Louise Anderson
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

The Right Design is a heartwarming story of a young woman, Carrie, picking herself up and moving on after a heartbreaking end to a six-year relationship. She bravely moves out of state to get a fresh start. She is a successful interior designer and lands a pretty awesome job at the recommendation of her previous employer. She ends up meeting a super nice and handsome guy, Oliver, that works for a moving company as well as bartending on the side. He is down to earth and easy to be around. However, she also meets another man, Brad Larson, at the same bar who is intensely gorgeous and yet rudely forward and cocky... not a great first impression. She makes it a point to avoid him. Imagine her surprise when he becomes her first client! He is definitely interested in her, but she doesn't trust him. On the other hand, Oliver is super sweet to her and comfortable to be around. You will have to read on to see whom she chooses and how it plays out! This was a sweet read...definitely a more low-key romance (no darkness or kink). I enjoyed reading this book but I craved a deeper twist to it, though that is what I am used to reading normally so that's not anything that I take into account for my rating.
Only a couple things worth mentioning constructively: I thought the beginning was a little over-detailed in the goings on of daily life and had me skimming a little in those moments (i.e., noting the time when she answered the phone, how she felt about the smell of paint in her new home). I also would have enjoyed the intimate scenes more had the story been in first person and with a lot more detail...what can I say, I want to know what happens! lol I prefer first person in general, but when well written I don't mind third person. This book was well written so it was an easy read!

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