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#NewRelease #Reviews FALLING FORWARD BY Dawn Robertson @EroticaDawn ‏

 Falling Forward:
A Tale of Serendipity
Dawn Robertson
Releasing: September 26, 2017

What do you do when you hate your life and your joy is gone? 

Never the sister with the best of luck, Luna Rockwell gave up on her own happiness a long time ago. She’s lost herself in a never-ending cycle of work, in a career she’s come to loathe. When a once in a lifetime opportunity comes along, on the second worst day of her life, it gives her a chance most women can only dream about.

Searching for love in a new city, Luna finds herself in a love-triangle she never expected. 

Will Luna find love once and for all, or is she destined to be the cat-lady aunt for the rest of her life?

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What do you do if you hate your life where every day is the same full of nothing but work no partner to share it with. 
That’s the Luna we meet at the start of the book, she needs something to happen to shake her out of her humdrum life and it does in a big way.
Reading this book takes you on a journey with Luna as she discovers who she really is and a love that she never expected. You will laugh, you will cry but you will feel uplifted. I’ve missed reading this author’s work welcome back Dawn.

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Falling Forward is a tale of changing luck or even fate. Luna's life is depressing and it takes a strong wake-up call to get her to find more.
Her more means big changes. Drastic options and a new outlook are key in this transformation. Apparently, love is also an option. With everything changing, Luna needs to ground herself. how will she do it?
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If you are looking for a book with all the feels...you have found it!! I was sad, happy, heartbroken, and then happy again. Dawn has definitely hit it out of the park with this one. 

When you read a book and can relate to the heroine's feelings, making the story so personal it feels as if you know her.... THAT is what reading is all about for me. 

It is a romance for the ages and will be a reread of mine for years to come. There is nothing better than living all the emotions of the characters within the pages of an epic story.

This was my favorite Dawn Robertson book I've read so far. 
**R. Kennedy** 

You will laugh, cry, swoon, most of all you will FEEL. 

It's not your typical romance novel and that's exactly what I love about it. I would definitely recommend this book to anyone who may be stuck in a "romance genre" funk. 

Meet Dawn Robertson
Three times bestselling author Dawn Robertson was born and raised in Connecticut before relocating to Florida in 2013. The same year first novel, Hers debuted as an Amazon Best Seller. Replicating that success with two additional novels in the following years.
The Indie publishing world has grown to love her raw writing style depicting strong women in real life situations, topping the charts in erotica, romance, and romance-suspense. Robertson has even insinuated that the female character in her book mirror her real life.
But, that I'll leave to speculation.
When Dawn Robertson is not writing, she is a full-time Real Estate professional in Florida, and mother of three amazing children.

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