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#NewRelease #Reviews SERGIO (A Dark Mafia Romance) by Natasha Knight @ArdentPRose @NatashaKnight13


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I’m the first-born son of the mafia king. The favorite. Destined to rule, I’m a dangerous man, a ruthless one. But in my world, you have to be.

Then Natalie stumbles into my life. Wrong place. Wrong time.

Twice, fate put her in my path.
Twice, fate placed the innocent lamb at the mercy of the monster.

I gave her a chance to walk away. Told her it would be better for her if she did.
But she didn’t listen.
And now it’s too late.
Because I’m not good. I never wanted to be. And I won’t let her go anymore. See, I’m not the hero. When I touch her, it’s with dirty hands.

I know my reckoning is coming though. I know I’ll burn for the things I’ve done, the sins I’ve committed. And I don’t deny hell is where I belong, but I want my time first. I want my time with her.

She’s mine.
No matter what.

Author’s Note: Sergio: a Dark Mafia Romance is an intensely emotional, steamy and dark standalone romance set in the Benedetti Brothers Mafia world. Be prepared: this is not a traditional romance.

I think it's rather impressive when an author can make you tear up in the note before the start of a book. When they hint at what to expect and it already hurts. When a song is used for as the emotional mindset, it's easy to understand. But the haunting melody and emotional words of "Darlin" by Houndmouth took me to the edge and then Natasha Knight shoved me over the cliff.

Sergio is (ugh, the feels. I can't see through blurry eyes but I needed to time this while it's raw and fresh) trapped. He is the first born. He has always known...He understands the fragility of life. And then he meets a girl.

A woman actually. A woman who turns his shadows into ghosts- always lurking, can be felt but not seen. A woman who brought hope to a desolate landscape. A woman who gave him more...

Sergio is everything you expect emotionally but times ten. I just want to start all over again so I can spend more time with him. Apparently, I need to back track and read Salavatore and Dominic now. And I absolutely will be reading them!!!

Reviewed for Sweet Spot Sisterhood

* * *

I’ve wanted Sergio’s story for ages, if it was me I would read this one before reading Salvatore and Dominic. 

Because I’ve read the other books I knew what was coming but it did not lessen my love for the book and the impact it had on me. 

Sergio and Natalie are so good together, the connection they have jumps out from the pages. Sergio has been groomed to take over the Mafia, because of this the book has dark elements to it. Natalie comes into his life at just the right time or at the worst time possible depending on your point of view. 

I’ve never cried at a Mafia book before, my heart was full of love and sadness in equal measure. The writing was as always perfect, the author has given Sergio the story I always wanted it was just perfect.

* * *


Sergio’s POV

I go straight into my study when I get home. Even though I’m alone, I close the door out of habit. I sit with just the lamp on the desk turned on and I look at the photos. I scroll through each one. Study her face in them. I see her anger. Her fear. Her humiliation. I see it in that order. I study more too. More of her. And my dick’s hard.
“I wasn’t ever going to talk.”
I knew that. I knew it all along. She’s right. I am a pervert. Sick. Only a sick person would do this, would violate an innocent like this. It wasn’t necessary to do what I did. I just wanted to.
But I came to terms with this darker part of me a long time ago. And I’m not psychoanalyzing it now.
The last picture, the one with my hand on her hip, has my attention. The Benedetti family ring is prominent on my finger, my hand big, masculine and rough on her softly curving hip. It’s not even the gleaming pink of her pussy that’s got my eye. It’s how she’s looking at me. Watching me with those dark eyes through that veil of hair. Like she’s seeing me. Really seeing me.
I stare at them. I can’t look away. What I see, it’s not what I expect. Not hate. Not even fear. Something else. It has me curious. It’s almost as if there’s something familiar about her.
I can still smell her if I try. Was she aroused or is that just my sick brain at work? Making something up that wasn’t there. I wonder if she’s thinking about it now. If she’s lying in bed with her fingers between her legs remembering my hands on her. My eyes on her. She’d hate herself for it, I know.
I scroll back to the first image. The one of her sitting on the floor, knees pulled up, hands covering as much of herself as she can. Her chin is bowed into her chest, her hair like a curtain hiding her face from me. But if I look close, I see her accusing eyes through that fall of hair.
There’s something about this girl that I can’t put my finger on. Something that’s got me thinking about her long after I should forget.
“Insurance,” I say to myself, standing. I turn on the printer and send all the photos to it. Listen to the slow hum and buzz as each one prints. Watch Natalie’s face as each slowly slides out, stacks on top of the last. When they’ve all printed, I put them in a locked drawer of my desk before going upstairs to jerk off.

About the Author
USA Today bestselling author of contemporary romance, Natasha Knight specializes in dark, tortured heroes. Happily-Ever-Afters are guaranteed, but she likes to put her characters through hell to get them there. She’s evil like that.

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