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#NewRelease #Reviews SIX FEET UNDER by Whitney Barbetti @forewordpr @barbetti

Release Date: April 25, 2018

Cover Design: Najla Qamber Designs

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Six Feet Under (Mad Love Duet - Book 1)


Six wasn’t the hero I needed.

But he was the man I wanted. And it was my selfish craving, the desire to own him, that would be our undoing. No one tells you that love is a disease. An infection that tears your heart apart, leaving you half the person you were before. A malady that leaves open wounds. An invisible disorder tracing scars in the places you couldn’t see if you weren’t looking for them. I was sick, but love didn’t heal me. Instead, it festered in my marrow, and drove me to unforgivable mistakes. Six was my first mistake, but he wouldn't be the last. 

This is the first book of a duet and it blew my mind, if any book could be described as a rollercoaster then this one definitely qualifies.

Mira is fascinating she has suffered with mental illness all her life, the voices she hears never seem to be quiet. Six is the quiet thoughtful man who comes into her life even though it’s the last thing she wants. 

Being in Mira’s head is an education, it’s exhausting scary and so heartbreaking to hear her thoughts. Six is present throughout the book but I never felt like I really knew him. I hope that book two delves deeper into who he is and what makes him tick.

It’s called the Mad Love Duet and this sums up the relationship perfectly to those of us looking in it’s a total disaster but to them it’s an all consuming love. 

The book follows years of their relationship and through all the ups and downs. It was addictive reading that made me stop and think with an ending that sets us up for book two perfectly.

Get ready it’s going to be a bumpy ride.

* * *

To be brutally honest, I can not stand Mira. I would like to say that I'm a good understanding person but clearly I'm not. I spent the majority of this book begging her to get over herself. (Before you try and string me up, I mean it in the nicest way possible.) She isn't willing to conquer her fears. She isn't willing to address this - thing with Six. She fights tooth and nail against anything. I get theory. But I still wanted to shake the ever-loving shit out of her!!!!

I want more for her. I want her to want more. It's a process and unfortunately, it isn't speedy. I think that the author made it quite clear that it's a long grueling process often with setbacks. Which in turn, made my happily ever after obsessed mind, have a stroke. 

Six Feet Under is a rough read. It's long and you want to repeatedly smack your head into a wall. It's trying your patience and makes you question Six. (Like business or running away to breathe?) 

The whole time I read it I held onto Six's resolve. But as I type this I wonder if that is enough...

Six Feet Under is a big question mark for me. I'm not sure whether or not I liked it. I still don't know if I can tolerate Mira and I hate saying that. I'm torn between wanting to like it and wanting to throw my kindle.

Ms. Barbetti mentions she wanted to write a heroine you won't immediately like and I say mission accomplished. But I am torn between my need for answers and my need to shake in frustration.

You tell I Six Feet Under Mira's spell or am I chasing in my Pieces of Eight?

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Release Date: May 9, 2018

Cover Design: Najla Qamber Designs

Photo Credit: Alexander Kuzmin Photography

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Pieces of Eight (Mad Love Duet - Book 2) - available 5/9


Six was always there, even when I didn’t want him.

But he couldn’t hold me together, and I couldn’t be his penance. Loss is a phantom limb. No one can see it, but the ache torments you in the night, distracts you during the day, and leaves you fragmented. I’m half a heart, half a soul, and nothing could cure the pieces he’d left behind. Losing him was safer than loving him. Because the love that kept us coming back again and again was nothing short of madness. But then, isn't mad love the most honest? 


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About the Author

Whitney Barbetti is really, truly awful at writing in the third person, so we're just going to change this bio up a bit and write it as first person.
I am married with two boys. When I'm not changing diapers or cutting food into tiny bites, I escape to Starbucks for hours. My blood pressure actually drops the moment I walk in, hear the baristas call my name, and inhale the aroma of coffee beans. And I don't even like coffee. I love music and have a playlist for everything. Queen is my very favorite. I like watching creepy shows when I am home alone but then I instantly regret them once my mind starts breeding irrational fears. I try to channel my fears into my books as a way to cope. I have about 20 bacon things in my fridge. 
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