Friday, August 24, 2018

#NewRelease #Review DON'T LET ME BE YOURS by Dominique Laura & Kimberly Reese

Title: Don't Let Me Be Yours
Authors: Dominique Laura & Kimberly Reese
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: August 24, 2018


I’m a force to be reckoned with.
I’ve worked my way to get to where I’m at. Life was good, but then I fell for him.
He’s my best friend’s soon-to-be husband. There’s no ring, but there will be.
She’s everything I’m not. He’s everything my body needs, what it craves.
We didn’t cheat. No. We had one night, after their umpteenth breakup.
We had fun, and when they got back together, it was like it never happened.
But it did, and I need more. But more isn’t possible, so I’ll settle for his friendship—for now.

I’m a lucky bastard who’s always been confident in where my life will lead.
Take over one of the most influential West Coast families. Marry the right girl.
But my plans are shaken when the wrong girl stirs up forbidden feelings.
We match in all the ways that should count.
I want her, but I can’t have her—won’t let myself have her.
We had our fun, but I’ve made a mistake.
I’m just not sure if the mistake was being with her in the first place or letting her go.

Author Note: contains cheating, a heroine with a smart mouth, and a sexy AF alpha asshole.


I am addicted to books with lots of angst and love triangles always deliver.

There are three main characters Sterling Rachel and Kerrie, each of them brought out different feelings in me. Sterling and Rachel are an on and off more times than a light switch, it's always been expected their powerful families they'd be a couple. Now Rachel was an obvious target for my dislike but honestly she made it so easy for me. Think of every trait imaginable and she has it spoilt rude entitled stuck up I was not a fan. Perrie childhood friend is no pushover she's funny and fiesty and I liked her. I didn't get the fascination with Sterling, to be honest, he came across as a bit of a cold fish.

As I've mentioned I love stories with lots of drama angst and emotion and the authors definitely give the reader plenty. This was an engaging story and was a good author collaboration.

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Dominique Laura

Dominique Laura is an advocate for love, mental health, and happy ever afters. She’s snarky and sarcastic, and she lives in sunny Los Angeles with her dog, who she’s slightly obsessed with. When she isn’t writing, she’s either reading or swooning over animals.

Kimberly Reese

Kimberly Reese published her first novel in 2017 and has since been hard at work writing more steamy stories. She grew up in a military family and is currently working on her tan in Arizona. When she isn't writing, you can catch her reading, traveling, resisting the urge to adopt more dogs, or spending time with family.

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