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#NewRelease #Reviews RULES OF FRIENDSHIP by C.A. Harms @HEAPRMore @Charms0814



As a guy, the number one rule to being best friends with a girl should be simple…

Never, and I do mean never, fall in love with her. 

Oh and you should never fantasize about her either.

Believe me, that situation can get messy really fast and leave you with nothing but one hell of an awkward mess on your hands—literally.

Reese and I have been through everything together; our bond is deep. But I am going down fast, and I fear there is no way to stop it. I spend most of my time hiding my body’s reaction to her because like I said: just friends.

But things are changing. We are changing. 

I no longer see her as just Reese, my best friend. When I look at her now, I see a gorgeous woman that takes my breath away. I see my future. But what if she doesn’t see me the same way? 

I can’t risk losing her… 

The fear of screwing everything up is excruciating. So that’s why I have chosen to stick to the rules. The Rules of Friendship that is. 

She was off limits. Plain and simple. 

But then in she walks wearing her tiny shorts and those tight tops. Come on, a guy can only have so much restraint before he caves…


What happens when you're in love with your best friend and they're clueless about how you feel. Or are they??

Reese and Dawson have shared a lot over the years but the way they feel that's never been spoken about. I loved the concept of the story even if at times I was Infuriated with them. I found myself screaming ( in my head) at them to just talk to each other.

The deep bond they have for each other was easy to see, I liked that the author didn't go overboard with this but the reader sees it unfold. I totally got why they were wary of change but I was willing them to just take that chance.

I really liked both main characters they were relatable which is always a plus in my book. Another well-written book from this author.

* * *

4.5 stars of pure sweet, perfection

It's like these two wear blinders. All that love is being isolated in the "laboratory" that is their friendship. Must quarantine the "friendship" keep those pesky "more" feelings far away. Only problem is...eventually they eat you up. Feelings get hurt. Needs change. And that friendship you cling to so missing something.

If C.A. Harms hadn't written this in both points of view, I'm sure this review would have had stabby hands and death threats. But don't worry folks, you get both sides of this story and with it the tension, lust, and heartache. Rules of Friendship is a perfect friends to lovers story complete with enough epilogues to keep you smiling and love to keep you floating on a happy cloud.

reviewed for Sweet Spot Sisterhood

* * *

“I love you, Reese,” he declares in a raspy voice. Punctuating every word, Dawson repeats, “I. Love. You.” Every drawn out word pierces my heart. He twists his hands in front of him as if to keep them busy and keep him from reaching out for me. “I’ve wanted you for so long, even when I knew I shouldn’t. The hardest thing was pretending that what I felt for you was nothing more than friendship. When on the inside, I wanted to make you mine. I need to know: Are you mine, Reese?

C.A. Harms is an avid romance and mystery reader. She's always had a love for books, getting lost in writing and storytelling even as a young girl. She enjoys happy endings and HEA love stories. 

She lives in Illinois and enjoys spending time with her husband and two children. She holds an addiction for Starbucks White Chocolate Mocha’s and KitKat when she should really be focusing on water and maybe a fruit or two to make herself feel less guilty, but that feeling quickly passes...thankfully. 

She is easy going, fun, and although she may seem like one of the quiet ones at first, you just wait until she gets to know you better...that quietness changes, fast.

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