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Review: At Any Price

At Any Price At Any Price by Brenna Aubrey
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At Any Price
I've read through this series two times now and loved it the second round as much as the first! First of all, this book is HOT! This story is not your predictable "run of the mill" hot romance as so many other are, which tend to sound very much the same, especially in the hot scenes. Brenna does a great job of writing the intimate scenes so that they do not use all the same terminology that many other writers use, which makes this book more original. It was refreshing to read a romance that was written a bit differently! I also love the gaming theme of the story which is the platform for the connection between different characters. The book does not constantly hang out in video game land, so those that aren't into gaming will still love this book!
I love the emotional and heated argument scenes as well. You can empathize easily with both characters and feel and experience their frustrations and angst. It is easy to see that Adam and Emilia's pasts have shaped who they have become and provided each with hang-ups and difficulties with allowing themselves to form a relationship. We can tell early on that Adam has some secrets or hidden agendas that really keep you reading late into the night because you just have to know! There is some foreshadowing, but it really doesn't matter because the book is so good it doesn't ruin anything. Emilia has a lot of trust/abandonment issues (well, they both do actually) and she has written off any possible relationship based off of her past. I don't want to say too much! You'll just have to read this book! I recommend (beg) my friends to read this series and each friend has raved and geeked about it! Its moving and frustrating, and intriguing and HOT all wrapped up together!
I cannot wait for book 5 and 6 to be released!

**Spoiler Below**

❤️“Fuck you, Adam Drake,” I hissed. “I never asked for you to come into my life and arrange things. I never needed you to save me!” His head tilted in that way he had of studying me, his eyes calculating. This outburst had not been a surprise to him. He swallowed, squared his shoulders. “No. Probably you didn’t,” he said so quietly I could barely hear him over the raging, wild twister of emotions swirling inside of me. “But I sure needed you to save me.” And with that, he turned and walked away.❤️

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