Friday, March 11, 2016

Review: Bully

Bully Bully by Penelope Douglas
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

What a wonderfully addicting series! I'm deep into a series hangover now! Usually, I write my reviews one book at a time so they're fresh in mind and I can reference specific moments, but this storyline and the relationships within had me one-clicking straight to the next book until there was nothing else left to read! So I'll do my best!
Bully was a different type of story for me in that I haven't read anything where the antagonist (Jared) was once the savior and soft place to fall and became hateful seemingly overnight. He began pinpointing his worst brand of harassment onto the wallflower girl next door, Tate, whom he once cherished. Tate's inner dialogue and turmoil showed her struggling over mixed feelings and confusion. The social situations were easily empathized with and it was so hard to put the book down...  You just had to know why Jared had become this way! What could have possibly happened to him that made him so different? You want to think there's a good guy within him but he makes it impossible to imagine. Will their tension come to a head? And when it does, what reaction will each have? You will have to read to find out more!
This book is filled to the brim with feels! So many feels!
I highly recommend this book/series! After reading the whole series I must say that book two, Until You, explains so much more about what Jared endured and experienced and just how broken he became.
I strongly recommend the series! Do try to sleep more than I did while reading it though!

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