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*Sisterhood Review* DIRTY UGLY TOY by K Webster @KristiWebster

Dirty Ugly Toy Dirty Ugly Toy by K. Webster
My rating: 5 of 5 stars


Another five star read from K Webster! She never ceases to amaze me. I can be sure that she will always provide shock factor and gasp-inducing reactions with pretty much anything she writes...and I love that! I can't predict what will happen next. The twists and turns of her deliciously diabolical imagination make it so hard to put a book down!

Jessica Rabbit (as she calls herself) is in a bad way. Filthy, homeless, barely clothed, strung out on heroin and selling her body for her next fix, her life no longer held any meaning. She is depraved and indifferent. She seeks numbness from her terrifying and traumatic past. On heroin, nothing scares her anymore. She will submit to no one. Nothing could possibly be as terrifying as what she has already faced. Her instinct to self-preserve in the face of dangerous men is no longer there...with the exception of one man...the one from her past.

Braxton Kennedy's past has also molded him into the way he is today. He feels the desperate need to keep tight control of his surroundings and the people in it. As a successful business owner and entrepreneur he has made a ton of money. He has frequent deviant thoughts about the women he picks to be his next toy. And those thoughts he thoroughly enjoys playing out! Finding dirty ugly toys to "fix up" and keep for six months is something he finds works best for him. And he does with them what he pleases. He enjoys hurting them. Making them submit. Braxton is incredibly gorgeous, and equally intense and at times terrifying! You never know what he's going to do next and many times I found myself bewildered over his violent reactions to certain situations.

I highly recommend reading Dirty Ugly Toy to see what happens when the careless and mouthy Jessica "Bunny" challenges Braxton and his authority. He never has experienced a toy that desires the pain of being hurt. Will he be able to retrain himself? How far will she push him? Why does she want to provoke him? Aaaaahhh! It's so good! And having both points of view is fabulous!

I thoroughly enjoyed this book. I feel like it was perfectly complete at the end. I usually have trouble with standalones because I always want more, but for some reason this one was just right.
There were lots of emotions flowing and stabbing me through this read. I have several notations saved in my kindle marking all the times my heart would sink, pangs of anxiety, goosebumps (a few times), despair, confusion, tears.... if I have a physical reaction, it's a winner. That doesn't happen to me in many books. I wish I could post some of the awesome excerpts that created these events but they would be spoily and I don't want to ruin the moments for when you read them firsthand!

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