Wednesday, October 18, 2017

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* * * Foster an Author Week: Casey Bond * * *

INSTA-HATE by Casey L. Bond

When Alexandria Ray’s romance series becomes an overnight sensation, the world and its demands close in on her. After years of struggling to maintain the pace her publisher, agent, and the world expects, she needs a break. Enrolling as a student at Columbia University is step one to finding herself again. Finding Arsen Daniel was not on her list.

Arsen Daniel, along with his best friend, built an empire in the form of an exclusive, psychology-based dating service. When an old friend invites him to teach a course at Columbia, he accepts. The course? The Psychology of Love. Sounds simple enough and the publicity alone will make it worth his time.

Arsen didn’t expect to meet his match in the form of a sarcastic blonde, hell-bent on holding to her belief that true love doesn’t actually exist. After all, what woman, especially a world-renowned romance writer, doesn’t believe in happily ever after?

Something in Alexandria’s eyes tortures him. She reminds him of someone from his past and that is a very bad thing.


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* * * Foster an Author Week: Leaona Luxx * * *

Redemption comes at a price.

Still Creek and U-Turn feature our resident bad boy, Walker, who makes appearances in Book 2 of both series. Find out what makes this attorney tick and why we love this brooding alpha. Buckle up, this is gonna hurt.
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Cherry Grove (Book 1-The Cove Series)

Still Creek (Book 2 - The Cove Series)

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Changing Lanes (Book 1 Highway 17 Series)

U-Turn (Book 2 - Highway 17 Series)

"An emotional journey about finding yourself and believing in who you are. A story of life's adventures and the u-turns you take to finally get to where your going. A must read." - Kaylee Ryan - NYT and USA Today Best Selling Author

Coming Soon: Collision (Book 3 - Highway 17 Series)

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