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#NewRelease #Review THE EVOLUTION OF US by D. Kelly @GiveMeBooksBlog @dkellyauthor

Title: The Evolution of Us
Author: D. Kelly
Genre: New Adult

Release Date: October 11, 2017


They say most people meet the person they will marry while in high school. Balancing one another perfectly, Holly Ryan and Declan James were together through most of college —until their relationship blew up, leaving Declan with more questions than answers.

For the past two years, Declan has tried everything he can think of to earn Holly’s forgiveness, but even if he manages to help her let go of the past and give them another chance at happiness, she still has a secret. Not to mention, she can’t get over the revolving door of women he seems to have coming in and out of his apartment.

Declan is desperate to prove to Holly she’s the one for him and isn’t above using his celebrity status or enlisting the help of their friends to win her back. All’s fair in love and war, right?

For me this book fell flat I just found the premise unbelievably childish.The story is told both in the past and present which I liked as we saw how they became a couple. 

Holly and Declan become best friends at a young age and that evolves into love. They leave school, go to college and move into their first flat. I enjoyed this part of the story but then on the back of an overhead conversation he splits up with her and becomes a man whore. 

From that point the story lost me, he comes across as childish and Holly was too accepting for me. His efforts to get her back just didn’t win me over. I just lost interest in the characters and in the end thought they deserved each other.

I like this author but this one was just not for me.

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Author Bio

D. Kelly, author of The Acceptance Series, The Illusion Series, and standalone companion novels Chasing Cassidy and Sharing Rylee, was born and raised in Southern California. She’s a wife, mom, dog lover, taxi, problem fixer, and extreme multi-tasker. She married her high school sweetheart and is her kids’ biggest fan.

Kelly has been writing since she was young and took joy in spinning stories to her childhood friends. Margaritas and sarcasm make her smile, she loves the beach but hates the sand, and she believes Starbucks makes any day better.

A contemporary romance writer, D. Kelly’s stories revolve around friendship and the bond it creates, strengthening the love of the people who share it. For all things D. Kelly, you can visit her website:

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