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[Release Blitz * Reviews] MONSTER by Marni Mann @MarniMann @jennw23

Publication Date: October 12th, 2017
Genre: Dark Contemporary Romance
“Because I came from you, does that mean I’m capable of killing? That I’ll be addicted to blood? That I’ll get off on torturing people?”
The kid had questions.
I didn’t blame him.
He’d only heard one side, and it wasn’t mine.
“Why did you hate my mother?”
Now, that was a story worth telling.
But, to do that, I had to bring the kid back to the very beginning. 
When the killing and the blood and the torture had all started.
When I was truly happy.
When I was first called a Monster.

**Monster is a follow-up to Animal**

Animal must be read first.
Monster is an extremely dark novel. There are strong sexual themes, drug usage, physical and sexual abuse, and torture that could trigger and/or cause emotional suffering.

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What just happened?! Holy Bangkok! 
What an ending to the most riveting, bloody series I’ve read to date! This book kept me guessing every step of the way. You get everything in this installment: vulnerability, gentleness, love, gruesomeness, ugly truths, mystery, and suspicion! Then.... BAM!! Just when you think you know what’s going on, how it’s going to end, you’re hit with even more information that is sure to get the conversations with your reading buddies a-buzzing! Every book in this series has been a major conversation piece between myself and my blog’s review team. There is so much to speculate and piece together... not because it’s confusing, but because as a reader you could interpret some things different ways, especially where the story might go on from were it to continue.  
I cannot wait to see what else Marni has in store for us next!!
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Holy Mother of Madness! Marni Mann is beyond...twisted. 
Everything you thought you knew about the f-ed up family you met in Prisoned and Animal is going to be shaken to the foundation. 
You will need to pay close attention to everything you read if you don't want to be slapped with a constant WTF once you get towards the end. 
Any theories you had before this book gets opened, will most likely not even come close. Sweet dreams and plenty of screams to keep you company. Enjoy the madness that flows through these pages. I know I did!!!
Oh and anyone else have issues with snakes. this book will not alleviate them. Lol
reviewed for Sweet Spot Sisterhood

Have you ever read a book and questioned not just the authors sanity but your own as well, no well trust me read this book and you will be. 
After Prisoner and Animal I knew Monster was going to be epic but I never thought I’d feel like this. My mouth dropped open, my heart was pounding, my anxiety was at all time high. These guys are seriously whacked I’m not kidding they are a psychotic crazy mixed up mess and I’m hooked. 
Told in both past and present any theories I had were blown out the water, I read several parts more than once looking for clues the author left. 
An addictive compelling story and I for one can’t wait to see what Marni comes up with next.
reviewed by Sweet Spot Sisterhood

I am, first, going to point out the fact that this author can pretty much anything, and I will love it. Her pen is made of pure gold. The second, thing I'm going to point out is that there might be something seriously wrong with me for loving this story so much. Not that I'm ashamed in anyway, because I'm totally not. This story is so dark, and so twisted. I gave up a long time ago even trying to come up with theories about how Marni's stories will go. It's never what you expect. That being said, I loved every clueless minute of this story. I want to write all the words that list and explain everything that is so great about this book, but I won't. I do not want to take the risk of spoiling anything. If I had to go in clueless, and unsuspecting, then so should all of you. Read this Book!!
Reviewed by #TheUnratedBookshelf & Sweet Spot Sisterhood

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Marni Mann
Marni Mann knew she was going to be a writer since middle school. While other girls her age were daydreaming about teenage pop stars, Mann was fantasizing about penning her first novel. She is now a Best-Selling author! She crafts sexy, titillating stories that weave together her love of darkness, mystery, passion, and human emotion. A New Englander at heart, she now lives in Sarasota, Florida with her husband and their two dogs who subsequently have been characters in her books. When she’s not nose deep in her laptop working on her next novel, she’s scouring for chocolate, sipping wine, traveling to new locations, and devouring fabulous books.

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