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[Sisterhood Review Bundle] TRANSFER by Aly Martinez @AlyMartinezAuth

by Aly Martinez


One story. Two couples.

I fell in love with a man who didn’t exist.

What started out as romance ended in hell.
His words turned to razor blades.
His kisses converted to fists.
His embrace became my cage.
His body transformed into a weapon, stealing parts of me until ultimately….
I broke.

I hated him.
My sole job in life became to protect our daughter.

I wasn’t sure I’d ever escape the prison he’d skillfully crafted from my fears.
Until the day our savior arrived.

This is the story of how I escaped the man who thought he owned me.
The transfer of my life and my family.

Review by Becky Grover
5 of 5 stars

This conclusion to the duet was simply amazing! It focused more on Clare and Heath, but we still got to see quite a bit from Roman and Elisabeth. The four of them come together to support Clare and her daughter, but also to keep each other safe as well. This book was so full of emotions and swoon-worthy hero moments that I was a puddle of goo at times. If I thought I fell hard for Roman in book one, I certainly fell harder for Heath in book two. There's something about a big tough guy being a softy that melts my butter.

I can't even begin to go into detail because this book is so full of twists and turns, excitement and anticipation, and tender moments, that I don't want to spoil anything. I loved these books and going in blind was perfect! You absolutely MUST read book one first, and if you did, then you know the premise. you shouldn't even be reading this if you haven't read book one yet, technically, but I digress.

This duet was one of my top reads for the year and I will definitely be recommending it to my personal friends looking for a great read!!

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Review by Becky Rendon

So I may have jumped the gun previously, in my defense, it's hard to top Roman. For those poor lost souls that don't know Roman, stop. Just STOP right here, do not pass go, do not collect $200. You must turned around and one click Retrieval- NOW! Right now, I'll wait....

Those that have valiantly risked their hearts and spent a great deal of time horny, thanks to Roman, to you I say...Heath. He may not measure the same caliber as Roman, but wow- he's a keeper!

Darkness can suffocate living creatures. But even the smallest amount of light can give hope and hope is dangerous. Very dangerous in the eyes of an enemy!

I loved conclusion to the duet. Transfer covers all the questions Retrieval left in my mind. it was a perfect closing of this chapter in their lives.

As newly appointed spokesperson for LeBlanc Industries, hold all comments. I just want to announce I am taking both Roman and Heath. They will no longer be available. THEY ARE MINE! Thank you!

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Review by Sam Lewis

This review of Transfer by Aly Martinez is for The Sweet Spot Sisterhood Blog.

It is the highly anticipated second part in the Retrieval duet. I give it 5 Stars as well. Part 1 was Elisabeth and Roman's story. Part 2 is Clare and Heath's story. I loved part 1 and couldn't wait to read part 2 to find out what happened. All I can say is that Aly Martinez nailed it again.

Transfer begins with Clare in the hospital after Walter attacked her. The only person she wants is Tessa, her little girl. Tessa is the tie that binds Roman and Elisabeth with Clare and Walter Noir. However, when she wakes up Luke is in her room. He is the last person she wants to see. Could she forgive him?

After Clare is discharged, Elisabeth and Roman open their home to her and Tessa. This gives them a chance to get to know Tessa. We also learn Tessa's maternity. Is Elisabeth or Clare her biological mother? But does their story end there? Are they finally rid of Walter Noir? All these questions and more will be answered.

Review by Anne Milne
5 of 5 stars

This is going to be a deliberately vague review because I don't want to give anything away from either book in this duet.
We pick up right where we left off with Clare in a dangerous situation. Roman and Elisabeth are back as well they play a pivotal role in this story. If you think Roman was a demanding man trust me you haven't seen anything yet.
There are so many twists and turns in this story, the suspense and emotion from book one is woven so cleverly into this book.
This was a fantastic conclusion to my favourite duet I've read this year.

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