Tuesday, February 7, 2017

[Coming Soon] IN HER WORDS by London Casey & Karolyn James

★☠Coming February 9th (2017) ❤☠★

The debut novel in the St. Skin series! Written by bestselling authors London Casey / Karolyn James & Jaxson Kidman...


When one night creates a forever they never saw coming.

CASS: I always remember Scarlett as the one night stand that got away from me. I fell in love; she took off. It feels like a lifetime ago now though. I traded in my guitar for a needle, working at St. Skin, bringing other people’s stories to life through tattoos. Though I still think about her, I know I’ll never see her again. But I never knew that after she left our one night, she left pregnant. She never told me. I only find out when her best friend comes crashing into my life and my heart with a baby in her arms - my daughter. With my life turned upside down, I struggle to figure out what it all means: being a father, and finding a new love growing in the place reserved for the woman I lost but thought of as my forever love. It feels crazy – and wrong – but I don’t care.

DIEM: A car accident takes my best friend’s life and now I’m raising her baby. I’ve fought hard to do everything to keep Paisley as my own, but I know her father is out there and he deserves to know the truth. The last thing I expect to find is the sexiest man I’ve ever met – complete with muscle, tattoos, and an attitude to match. I’m not going to force him to be a father and I’m certainly not going to force him to get close to me. But I need the help. Meeting Cass was supposed to make life easier. As I fall for him, I realize everything is becoming more complicated.

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