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[Sisterhood Reviews] EMBODY by S.E. Hall @Sehallauthor

by S.E. Hall


I'm not "damaged." No horrible childhood or demons in my past I'm trying to outrun. In fact, my family is ideal — funny, supportive and filled with couples that all follow "our" golden rule:

Find her. Protect her. Love only her, with everything you are, every day, for the rest of your life.

So why is it the mere thought of a monogamous relationship, more than one night with the same woman, sends me bolting in the other direction?

Because I hadn't met Bellamy Morgan yet.

When I do cross paths with her, everything starts to slowly make sense. Why men change overnight — suddenly blind to all women but her, happy to hold her purse and watch corny movies.

Just one problem — she's my little sister's best friend.

Embody is a spin-off, STANDALONE novel from the bestselling Evolve Series.
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Review by Becky Rendon
5 of 5 stars

When you know, you know.
When an author repeatedly makes you giddy, happy, and laugh your ass off, you know that you want to read the next one.

***But here's my painful confession: I have not read the Evolve series. I own them all. Bought them, downloaded them on my kindle, and somehow neglected them. Please don't hate me.

You do not NEED to read or have read the Evole series. I'm sure it makes it a much better reading experience and the comments about the parents crew would be more meaningful BUT IT IS NOT NECESSARY. You will still love and enjoy this spin off series.***

Now back to my real review:

When you know, you know. When that one person makes everything better...When you can't imagine tomorrow without them...When they love your ridiculously wild family...When only they make sense...YOU KNOW!

For the first time in his life, JT Kendrick gets it. Now to explain it all to the beautiful, proud, and exasperatingly perfect red head that is hanging out with his sister.

Ugh really, her new best friend. Ok some would say cliche, but hello- she's hot, he's hot. JT - can work it. But obviously the apple doesn't fall from from the tree because over the top, overly generous, and extravagant gifts seem to materialize every where for Bellamy.

Will it be too much? Is it insta-love or insta-lust? Can a bad boy change his ways?

I seriously was giggly, giddy, and laughing my way through some wildly inappropriate conversations, situations, and just content to watch this family in action.

If you love zany friends/family...
1. the inappropriate jokes
2. the exasperated parents shaking their heads at their kids
3. the friend who asks about your orgasms in a large public place without a filter or whisper

Or if you are all about the alphas...
1. over protective ...in a good way
2. kind, caring, nurturing
3. bossy

Need a little naughty...
1. dirty talking
2. agile and needy hands
3. clearly knows what he's doing and did I mention he's a filthy talker...

So to wrap up my long and hopefully motivational review, YOU MUST READ THIS BOOK! It is too good to be bought and ignored. so much do that I need to "dust off" the Evolve series and see how much I've been missing.

Oh and shout out to Jill Sava because that cover...hot damn!

reviewed for Sweet Spot Sisterhood
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Review by Anne Milne

I forgot just how much I loved all the characters from the Evolve series it made me want to go back and read them again.
JT is just like his dad Dane he's definitely a chip off the old block, I loved seeing Dane in dad mode he's everything I thought he would be. So JT is protective of his family some may say he's over the top but I love him, an alpha in training who's learned everything from his dad and uncles. Bellamy is such a beautiful character, she's funny and fiesty, independent, strong and so sweet and genuine that you can't help but like her.
I really enjoyed seeing JT become the man his parents and family had raised him to be, I enjoyed the slow burn of their relationship and getting to meet all the squad who hopefully we will see in future books.

*Reviewed for Sweet Spot Sisterhood Blog
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