Monday, February 20, 2017

[Release Blitz] GOING AFTER INDIGO by Rose Silverstone @rsilverstone7

Going After Indigo


Rose Silverstone
Release Date: February 20, 2017
Genre: Contemporary Romance


Big dreams are all she’s ever had. Is she willing to give up one in order to accept one that she’d let go of long ago? Sometimes the most treasured jewels are found in the most unlikely of places.

Scandal. Scarlet Letter. Scarred.
Those are words that Sapphire Indigo Warren is all too familiar with. Those words seemed to follow her from her small hometown of Sapphire Falls all the way to New York and back again. A call regarding her favorite aunt has Sapphire traveling a road far more treacherous than the fatal drive that led to her greatest loss.
Noah Burke has always done what’s necessary to keep his sister’s secrets. He took on the responsibility of a child he wasn’t made aware existed until his sister’s shocking death. Hayden became his and he never questioned it until his path crosses that of the infamous “Indigo Crystalline.” His little girl’s new dance teacher may just have more in common with his Hayden than he may be ready to handle.
The problem isn’t whether or not he cares enough to want the famous dancer turned dance instructor in his life. It’s in wondering if either of them can face the truth of the past and have their budding relationship survive.

~Sisterhood Review~

Review by HB

 Extra Gooey 

Short, sweet, and to the point. This is a story about a girl that is constantly faced with impossible situations, and is forced to make lemons out of lemonade. She does it all with absolutely no support from those we typically fall back on or take for granted. Girl meets boy, they don't want to like each other, they can't resist the pull, and then fate pushes them together. A lot happens within this short tale, and at a couple spots I had to retrace my steps to see if I missed something. A little more gooey than what I typically read, but Overall, a great story with a Happily Ever After.

Reviewed for Sweet Spot Sisterhood

~Book Trailer~


“What are you thinking about there, Dancing Queen?”
Clearing her throat, she quickly snaps her attention back to him.
“Nothing. I wasn’t thinking of anything.”
“Those blue eyes of yours tell a different story, Ms. Crystalline.”
He takes a step forward and she attempts to step back but can’t because there’s a car there. Duh!
“What … what are you doing?”
“I’m guessing what you and I have both been thinking about despite the aggravation with one another.”
Without another word, his big hands take hold of her face and pull her to him. When their lips meet any protest she may have had is dismissed. Instead, she finds herself lost in his kiss. His lips feel so wonderful against her own and the feeling it conjures starts a burning need to coil inside. His desire to make this kiss more is felt as he presses into her and coaxes her lips to part in order for his tongue to sweep into her awaiting mouth. She doesn’t know which of them moans first but the tremor she feels is all her own.
His hands begin a downward journey and she begins to reach upward to tangle her hand in his hair. When he reaches her taut nipple and gives it a squeeze, she almost convulses in reaction.
How long had it been since Mitchell? Mitchell. Yes, Mitchell. The mere thought of his name causes her body to instantly cool. Still, she reluctantly pulls back from the hungry kiss of the man before her.
“Um … I … hmm. I … I do need something from you. I need a ride home. My … the car … I have a flat tire and no spare.”
The knowing look on his face makes her want to crawl into a hole and hide.
“Don’t look at me like that. Whatever! You’re a damn good kisser. Woohoo for you. You had me for a moment. The moment is over. I … what are you doing?”
His body presses into her again and his hand slides into the front of her jeans. She didn’t think there would be enough room for him to get that big hand of his down there. His fingers glide over her center and she moans. Hearing her reaction to this man was too much. She couldn’t do this, be this person.

~About the Author~

“Reading makes me smile. Finding new authors makes it all worthwhile.”

I am a reader, a blogger, an author, a mother. I am a person, a human being with feelings. I run the gamut of emotions and love making new connections. I. Am. Woman! On my page, you will find a multitude of things that inspire, enrich, and encourage. You will also see books I’m reading, authors I am looking forward to reading or have read. Most of all, you’ll see the works I have in store for lovers of mystery, romance, and paranormal along with the insanity that is my personality. Enjoy and share, all is fair. *RS*


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