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#NewRelease #Reviews SURGE (Kenshaw Ranch #2) by Piper Frost @Author_MPiper @HQ_Frost


by Piper Frost


Kenshaw Ranch, book 2

This book CAN be read as a stand-alone!




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I got out of this place. I made something of myself. I did it. 

I’m Bo Hart and I had the world at my fingertips. Bull riding was my ‘in’ to freedom from this small town. 

In under a minute, all of it was ripped away.

Gone in the blink of an eye.

Now I’m back in town, and I’m not that happy about it. I’ve got too much time and not enough thrills. 

Kinlee was my first love. She’s the girl I pined for since we were little. When I left, I never planned on coming back. Now that I am, I hadn’t expected to find Kinlee still single, sexy as ever. I especially hadn‘t planned on finding her playing mom to her teenage siblings because of their parents’ sudden death. Now that I’m back, she needs to notice the new me. The grown-up me. She notices all right, but she also notices I’m still an adrenaline junky. 

I still need that surge pumping through my veins.

She still likes to play it safe and have her days planned out. I don’t mind her ways, but she certainly can’t get used to mine. Doesn’t mean I’m going to stop though. 

It took minutes to rip my career from the spotlight. 

It only takes seconds to decide whose life is worth more, and the outcome of that split-second decision will change everything.

I am a mess. An emotional, snotty, tear-stained mess. 

Surge is a rollercoaster of emotions. From joy, glee, and love to despair, loss, and will feel them all. 

I've been told I'm sensitive but dang. Piper Frost found the right buttons to push and then they pushed them until I broke. I broke and it wasn't pretty. But I am nothing compared to what occurs between the characters, their journey is harsh. Harsh and yet spectacular.

I will be honest. I loved Bo in Addict but the very beginning of this book...not so much. Clearly, I got over my distaste and fell hard. Hard and fast, actually. We all know how easy that is! What isn't easy...The hard part is staying strong. The trials that these characters go through are...(not going to spoil it). 

I'm not even sure how to tell you that tissues, chocolate, and wine won't cover it. Good friends and love are a blessing but sometimes they aren't enough. 

Piper Frost has made Kenshaw Ranch a home away from home. They gave us some amazing friends and some beautiful experiences in Addict. But you need to hold on tight because Bo is a whole different animal...It's about to get really bumpy on this ride.

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