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#Review #NewRelease STEAL YOU by KD Robichaux & CC Monroe @KaylaTheBiblio @authorccmonroe

Steal You: A Standalone Dark Romance
by KD Robichaux and CC Monroe

Release Day: February 27th, 2018


I was a good girl.
Until you made me love you.
You trained me to be your pretty little bird,
my feathers spreading under your attention and praise.
You promised you’d leave her.
Swore it was me you wanted more than life.
But then you broke my wings and silenced my song,
and you became my obsession.
I’ve spent years trying to figure out a way to change your mind,
to win back your heart.
But in this moment of desperation,
my mind leaves me.
And I’ll just
Steal you

Steal You is a dark erotic romance full of suspense, depicting a twisted love affair between a professor and his student. They have an obsessive, almost scary kind of love, one that could get them both hurt... and maybe even killed.

Compelling addictive obsessive intense these words describe some of my feelings when it comes to the love affair between Lizith and Zander, some might just call it crazy love. 

This is a book that grabs your attention, it takes hold of you and shakes up everything you thought you knew about love. Zander is the dominant older man, the author portrays this aspect of his personality perfectly. Lizith is young and impressionable but she is no shy shrinking violet. 

A story that has lots of passion combined with a tense atmosphere and several curve balls I never guessed. 

* * *

"Steal You is a unique twist on the dark genre that is a breath of fresh air, sure to tantalize and tease lovers of psychological reads. With two characters expertly blended to portray the true insanity that comes with romance, this story will leave you gasping for air while begging for more."
~Lily White Bestselling Author

I don't think I've ever read a crazier, darker or more suspenseful book than Steal You, and I loved every minute of this insane ride.”
~Tara Sivec USA Today Bestselling Author

Twisted, tantalizing, and totally f*cking terrific. Hooked from the very beginning, Steal You is unputdownable!”
~Erin Noelle USA Today Bestselling Author


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