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#NewRelease #Reviews WANDERLUST by Lauren Blakely @LaurenBlakely3 @InkSlingerPR


One fiery American woman and one hot British guy? The language of love knows no boundaries…

From #1 NYT Bestselling author Lauren Blakely, comes the hot, new standalone romance guaranteed to sweep you away while scorching the sheets, WANDERLUST!

A brand new, sinfully sexy romance, WANDERLUST is now available on all retailers! 

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The first time I met him, his sexy British accent almost talked me into giving him my number on the spot. The second time, he nearly charmed the panties off me with his wit. Then I learned he's the key to success in my new job in Paris. The man who tempts me into fling-worthy dirty daydreams has turned out to be my personal translator, and his accent is the hottest thing I've ever heard.

My mantra is simple -- Don't mix business with pleasure.

I do my best to resist him as he teaches me how to converse with my co-workers, navigate the metro and order the perfect bottle of wine at dinner. But I also figure out how to tell the charming and clever man what I most want to say -- that I want him to take me back to his flat -- tonight.

Except there's a catch...


One more assignment before I take off on my big adventure...

And it involves the toughest work ever -- resisting the fetching American woman I spend all my days with. But you know what they say about best intentions. Soon, we're spending our nights tangled together, and I don't want to let her go. The trouble is, my wanderlust is calling to me, and before we know it I'll be traveling the globe to fulfill a promise I made long ago.

What could possibly go wrong with falling in love in Paris? Nothing...unless one of you is leaving.

A funny enjoyable and at time’s endearing story told in the dual POV’s of Joy and Griffin. 

After a broken relationship Joy decides to take a risk and accepts a job in Paris. One problem she doesn’t speak French which sets up some hilarious mistakes. When she gets a translator Griffin comes into her life.

I liked Joy she’s the type of woman I could see myself bring friends with or at the least having a fun night out together. Joy is a sassy intelligent woman, a re bundle of energy. 

Griffin is the charming Brit with an accent that knocks her socks off. He’s funny and laid back with a soft side. 

I loved the fun flirty banter the two develop its verbal foreplay at its best. They’re in the city of love but try really hard to resist each other. 

A good contemporary love story. 

* * *

I have been panting for this book for months. An American "girl" in Paris with a gorgeous, rugged handsome British translator...It's as if Lauren Blakely and I share the same fantasies. I took French at 13 for the very moment I would find a French man to marry. As I got older my need to stop and listen to accents that put me on edge increased and to this day a sexy foreign tongue has me losing my mind. (Just ask my south American hubs😘)

Wanderlust is exactly the vacation from my snow covered New Jersey life. It's Paris. It's new and exciting. It's an adventure. A romance in the City of Lights! What could possibly hold you back from the ultimate fantasy...

Wanderlust only needs the British accents whispering in your ear to bring you to completion and I've been told the audio book does just that. So take it from a lady who lusts after accented encounters, this book will give you the vacation to wander and explore right from your favorite reading spot. No passport or language lessons required. 

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Forget oysters. Screw candlelight and champagne. A sexy accent is the truest aphrodisiac. I’m talking a weak-in-the-knees, flutters-all-over, fast-track to euphoria.

I’ve tried to analyze precisely why the sound of a man’s words can elicit this reaction in, frankly, millions of women. But when I break down an accent and study it like a chemical reaction, it’s nearly impossible to draw a logical conclusion. The ingredients in and of themselves don’t seem swoontastic enough.

And yet, accents have been known to induce major swooning.

That’s why, in my professional opinion, the sounds aren’t the rocket fuel for the tingles. Instead, it’s the associations evoked. Italian is food, wine, and days drenched in the pleasures of the senses. Australian is the laid-back twang of a surfer. A Southern drawl says a man will take his sweet time. Oh, yes, darlin’, will he ever.

But British? Dear God. A delicious British accent to my oh-so-American ears triggers wave after wave of goose bumps across my skin. My knees wobble. My stomach swoops. My skin heats. All the turned-on centers in my body are cranked to high.

A British accent is James Bond in a bottle. It’s sex, it’s style, it’s sophistication, and it’s the man who’ll find his way out of any jam, save the damsel, and do it all with silver cuff links on.

Wait. Make that platinum.

Charmed, indeed.

That’s why I say it’s a damn good thing I’m moving to a country that won’t be chock full of my personal vocal kryptonite, since I don’t have the time or inclination for distractions in my life right now. Look, I don’t have a single problem with the French accent whatsoever. A hot French man can voulez-vouscoucher avecmoi, if you know what I mean.

But it’s a British accent that turns me to Silly Putty, so in Paris I’ll be mighty fine.

Then, I meet him.




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About Lauren Blakely:
A #1 New York Times Bestselling author, and #1 Wall Street Journal Bestselling author, Lauren Blakely is known for her contemporary romance style that's hot, sweet and sexy. She lives in California with her family and has plotted entire novels while walking her dogs. With fourteen New York Times bestsellers, her titles have appeared on the New York Times, USA Today, and Wall Street Journal Bestseller Lists more than 90 times, and she's sold more than 2.5 million books. In March she'll release WANDERLUST, a sexy new standalone romance. To receive an email when Lauren releases a new book, sign up for her newsletter! laurenblakely.com/newsletter  

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