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* Sisterhood Review Bundle * TAKE ME by Sara V. Zook

Take Me by Sara V. Zook
Reviewed by Becky Grover
4 of 5 stars

What a wild and crazy ride this book was! I couldn't wait to see what would happen next as Briston, our heroine, was thrust into the chaos of Creed's life.

When Creed's theft, born out of desperation, is interrupted by Briston, all his plans get shifted and the world twists on its axis for both of them. With preconceived notions and stereotypes about each other, they both clearly loathe each other. Then something major happens between them during a transaction that ruins Creed's desperate plan to save a loved one. Is all hope lost for him? Will Briston suffer the consequences? What will he do with her? How does she react? See what happens as their worlds collide and they get to know each other and how different their lives have been. My heart hurt for Creed...he seemed to have a hopeless and rough life with bad luck that followed him everywhere.

This was a really great read and I became very invested in the characters. So much so, that I really was hoping toward the end for a cliff hanger. I just didn't want it to end, and let me tell you.... the ending is unconventional and had me and my reviewers hot on the horn talking about it!

I did feel that the ending was cut short, lacked the details of how things "went down" and seemed to skate over some things that could have made for a juicy emotional read. So for that to deduct points. This book is not for everyone in my opinion.

If this was a spoiler group page I would have so much more to say! lol But I digress....

If you want a great conversation starter and someone to reel with, pick this up and buddy-read it! I think buddy-reading this one is a must!

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Reviewed by Vanessa Renee

You ever read a book that captures your all? You can't put it down because it keep drawing you in with all kinds of unanswered questions! I fell in love with the tattooed bad boy Creed. I understand why Briston fell in love with her kidnapper. I always question if it's really love or Stockholm syndrome. This author shows you how in real life situations you can get to know someone and fall in love. Does this explosive couple have a good ending? You'll have to read and find out. I'm still reeling from this intense book. You won't be disappointed in the smoothness of this writer and how uniquely she makes you fall for her characters. I truly wanted this book to be a cliffhanger and I despise cliffhanger books but I just couldn't handle the book being over while I was at 95% done. Yes it's that good. It holds your attention the whole time. 
* Reviewed for Sweet Spot Sisterhood *

Reviewed by Anne Milne

The premise of this book intrigued me. It sounded right up my street. Briston is kidnapped by Creed after being in the wrong place when a robbery takes place. At times the dialogue is stilted... it's just not how I imagined her speaking. It's almost like words are used just to highlight the differences in their social standing. I loved Creed, he's doing the wrong thing for the right reasons, it's like he has bad luck charm following him. The first 2/3 of the book really flowed, it was enthralling, full of action emotional and passionate and then boom... the last 1/3 just didn't seem to fit. It's like a part was missing. I just needed more. I needed to know more about Creed. I'm giving it a 3.75 for that reason.
* Reviewed for Sweet Spot Sisterhood *

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