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* Sisterhood Review Bundle * BLOOD TO DUST by L.J. Shen @lj_shen @goodreads

Blood To Dust
by L.J. Shen

His name is Beat, and I should hate him.

Bound, blindfolded and bruised, I'm tied in his basement, waiting for the men who stripped me from clothes and humanity to collect his debt to them. Me.

His name is Nate and I should hate him, but I don't.

I'm not supposed to know his real name, even worse, I'm not supposed to care. He is nothing to me but means to an end. The plan is simple: break free, collect the pieces of my broken soul, kill the bastards and run away.

His name is Nathaniel Thomas Vela, and I've never seen his face, though I hear that it's beautiful.

Behind the rugged and handsome exterior, there's a quiet murderer, a killer who thinks guns are for pussies and ends people with his bare hands.

His name doesn't matter, neither does his face, but what does matter is my heart. And right now, sadly, it's his.

**Blood to Dust is a standalone, full-length novel. It contains graphic violence and adult situations some may find offensive.

Review by Anne Milne

She's done it to me again, picked me up shook me around and put me down again.
Beat meets Godfrey in prison but when he gets out he owes him a favour and he's calling it in... and taking care of Prescott is the favour.
Prescott is a fascinating character. At first glance she's just another little rich girl, but don't underestimate her. She's determined, strong, singleminded and manipulative. She's so good at it too, but underneath it all she's hurting.
Beat/Nate is a good guy underneath all that bravado and he's caught up in something and can't see a way out. His inner thoughts slay you. They are brutal in their pain when you throw in the chemistry between the two one word comes to mind --combustible. Even when they argued I laughed cause they are so damn cute together, but don't ever mistake who has all the power.
The writing, the story, the characters, the dialogue come together to make perfection.
***Reviewed for Sweet Spot Sisterhood Blog***

Review byVanessa Renee

This book is intriguing and thrilling. It has some very intense moments, graphic scenes and so many different emotions. You really wonder if Prescott has any real emotions or if it's all some kind of game. I hate spoilers so I won't go on for too long because honestly this book is full of twists and turns. So many layers you have to unwrap to get to know these amazing characters. You dare to invest your feelings for beat and pea. You take your chances on loving peace and storm. You even dare to get to know Prescott and Nate. But in the end you will truly fall in love with Chris and Tanaka. This author took souls that lived different lives but were equally broken and started to mold them together. Will they make it through it all? Is it real? Let me tell you it's worth finding out. We all want peace but maybe sometimes we all need a little storm in our lives.
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