Thursday, July 21, 2016

* Sisterhood Review * THIRD CHANCES by Ivy Smoak

Third Chances by Ivy Smoak
Review by Becky Grover
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Another outstanding book by the delectable Ivy! I absolutely love the Hunted series, and while this is a side story to James and Penny's epic tale, we learn so much more about Rob and James's family dynamics, the relationship between the two, and just how much they have been through together. In the past, it had been pretty rough. As much as James has protected Rob, Rob has also been there for James in some pretty major ways himself. They both process these aspects of their relationship differently and some unspoken feelings are unleashed. But don't worry ladies, they still have brotherly love. It was very enlightening to read and learn more about them, and I sense some possible foreshadowing as to how James may react and spiral to certain future events.... Now, let's talk about ROB!

Rob is a creature unlike any hero I've met yet. He's carefree, up-front, and fairly crude to be honest. He has always had a thing for James's fiance, Penny -- specifically how hot she is -- though, you know he would never act on anything he jokes about concerning her because he would never cross that line or hurt his brother. It doesn't stop him from shamelessly flirting and making comments to embarrass her. He is, though, a bit jealous of the type of relationship his brother and Penny share. When will he find that? How?

During a trip away, for James's bachelor party, he happens upon a girl he's had his eyes on for a long time from way back home. What are the odds? He has to decide whether to pursue her here or miss another chance, a chance he already hadn't taken back home before he lost track of her. But she has some real issues of her own going on that makes this trip less than pleasant. How will this pan out? Can Rob really calm down his bravado and learn how to develop a relationship? How can she possibly trust him anyway? It gets interesting!

This book was yet another of Ivy's that I could not put down. She really knows how to reel you in and hold you to it right to the end. I had to know how everything would pan out, and what some of the other characters (their friends) would say or do. I liked the time overlap with Eruption, with the phone calls to Penny. I really enjoyed getting to know Rob much more intimately and how he feels about his life and about things that need to change. This book was just enough to keep the fire stoked and ready for Ivy's next book Devotion!
**Reviewed for Sweet Spot Sisterhood**

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