Sunday, August 14, 2016

*Sisterhood Review* GIVE ME THIS by Anna Brooks @annabrooksauth

by Anna Brooks


One truth can explain everything.

Declan Kelly has spent his entire adult life-saving people, all the while avoiding any real connections or emotions. He’s already been destroyed once, and after she ruined him, he knows he’ll never love again.

Almost two decades later, Declan moves back home to raise his daughter around his family. He tried to prepare himself for how he would react when he saw Amie, but could never have anticipated just how hard it would be to remain unaffected.

Amie Dotson knew from the moment she lied that Dec wouldn’t forgive her… but she didn’t want him to. Lying was easier than the truth because he would have stayed for her, and she didn’t want him to miss out on his dreams because of her.

Harboring more than one secret, Amie tries to avoid Declan when she discovers he’s back in town, but when he sees the evidence marring her body, she knows he’ll do whatever it takes to remove the fear from her eyes.

When the truth is revealed, can two people finally find the happiness they lost but never forgot?

by Vanessa Renee

Let me start off by saying I read this as a stand-alone and it was completely perfect. I am always nervous about walking into a series that claims they are a stand alone. But the author did an amazing job of making this story its own. I read this book so fast because it was enthralling. It kept my attention the whole time. I was on the edge of my seat waiting for what would happen next. Declan is the sweetest alpha male. My heart kept breaking got him. It felt like he was always getting the short end of the stick. Amie has secrets and the author does an amazing job of keeping you guessing and not leaving hints. I love when a story keeps your attention and then leads you in different directions. Everything happens for a reason and even with years apart, the heart grows fonder. I love how their lives come back together and even tho there's tons of heartbreak, it all works out exactly how it needed to. Every mistake had its purpose. Every lesson was learned from. Read this book to see what Declan and Amie have to walk through and to see how their story unfolds and whether or not they stories end up being one again. *Reviewed for Sweet Spot Sisterhood *

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