Wednesday, August 24, 2016

*Sisterhood Reviews* LONG SHOT by Kayti McGee @jennw23

by Kayti McGee

Meredith definitely drank too much last night. Why on earth else would she have woken up without her purse, and the distinct memory of giving her number to a stripper? So gross.
The good news is, she never has to see him again. Except to get her purse. And to discover she did another terrible, horrible, very bad thing while drunk- she accidentally became a professional penis photographer.
Rob wishes more people would believe him when he says he truly is stripping his way through journalism school. It's the only way Millennials can afford school with no student loans. When Meredith quite literally stumbles across his path, he's super smitten. Sadly, she is less so once she sobers up.
Can he trick her into dating him?
Can she trick her mother into thinking she has a respectable job?
And can anyone recover once the internet picks up their story? It's a long shot for both of them.

Review by Becky Rendon

Oh, where to begin. I say this hesitantly, but it took a bit for me to like Rob. I must be extra judgemental today because he didn't come across as a potential journalist- stripper yes, journalist not so much. But then I thought about it and realized, I sound like an ass. The reason I'm sharing this is because I don't want you to be like me. Rob uses phrases that if it weren't for Urban Dictionary I never would have had a clue. He is definitely a naughty, filthy talking man. Of course he is, his job definitely has its benefits...

Meredith was definitely more judgemental than me. She was harder to turn to the dark side of the pole...(sorry really bad attempt at a Star Wars joke) As a new niche photographer, Meredith will have to trade her pride for money and her judgemental attitude for work.

It's fun, ridiculous and everything you expect from a Kayti McGee book. (BTW, Kayti if you see this- I'd love to know how Grandma feels about your awesome books.) Filthy fun, bad decisions, and kind of story or just another night for Meredith.

See if you can catch the shameless Laurelin McGee plug...Logan O'Toole and some other awesome surprise visitors. The crossovers made my freaking face hurt from smiling.

Love the Long Shot...maybe a little more oil for reflection...Yeah ,I won't quit my day job. Leave the pics to Meredith, the books to Kayti, and I'll just tell you my thoughts.

Read it!

Reviewed for The Sweet Spot Sisterhood

Review by Vanessa Renee

I must say I love that I try and know nothing about a book before I read it. I love that I knew nothing walking into this book. This book was truly hilarious. It had me laughing and connecting with the realism of the characters. Meredith was so real and hilarious. And I love Rob, he's the alpha who knows how to laugh and enjoy life. If your looking for a funny light read that throws in romance and real life, this book is for you. I recommend this book because it was truly an all around wonderful book. The author knows how to transition from humorous to seriousness. I love how the book flowed and really kept you happy and wanting to know what happens next. *Reviewed for Sweet Spot Sisterhood*

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