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*Sisterhood Review* TRENT by Anna Scott @annascottauthor

by Anna Scott


Trent has had enough of waiting for the woman he's never been able to get out of his heart.
Amber is terrified to give in, afraid that Trent will be giving up his dreams to be with her.

"Me winning doesn't mean you losing." - Trent

This epic romance is filled with joy, pain, fulfillment and great sorrow.

When someone from Trent's past begins to pop up in the oddest places, he starts to worry for Amber's safety.

Will Trent be able to break through Amber's iron clad walls?

Will Amber be able to convince Trent that he's better off without her?

Catch up with the rest of the group, in this fourth installment of the Redemption Romance series. This book can easily be read as a standalone.

Review by Becky Grover
5 of 5 stars

Anna never fails to bring us more heart-warming and emotional installments in the Redemption Series. Each book has its own unique relationships and struggles as the characters navigate changes in their lives. I have really enjoyed getting to know these friends and how they interact and how deeply they all care for each other.

Trent brings us the story of second chances and of course, redemption. When Amber endures a heartbreaking incident, she shuts down and pushes Trent out of her life. He is patient, giving her space, having no idea what happened. He is miserable and lost, but he will wait for her forever. She is it for him.

But Trent has problems of his own arising. He has a troubling past that has eaten at him since his teenage years and someone from that time has reentered his life. As he works to win Amber back, he also has to manage to keep her safe while trying not to worry her.

Amidst all that is going on between Amber and Trent, neither have been able to confide in their friends, as they decided early on when they were together not to tell anyone they were dating. Amber was concerned, at the time, that announcing themselves as a couple would alter the climate of the friendships. So how will Trent win her back? She will hardly look at him. Will their friends ever know about them?

This book was full of all the feels and thrills you can expect from this series. There is a dash of mystery and suspense, plenty of family drama, all kinds of love and patience, some serious steam, and a few select favorite! I hope you enjoy this series as much as I do! I can't wait for Reed's story next!
*Reviewed by Sweet Spot Sisterhood*

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