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* Sisterhood Review * QUAKE by Jacob Chance @BrotherChance

QUAKE by Jacob Chance
Review by Becky Grover
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

What a fantastic debut for Jacob Chance! I felt this was so so well written for a first book. The story flowed really well and nothing was confusing or transparent throughout the story. The characters were compelling and complex and you could easily get a real sense of their personality.
Kyle is an ex-police officer with a traumatic past. He also suffers daily from chronic pain and depression. He is now a P.I. and notices Janny while monitoring a subject. There is something about her that is special and he can's stop thinking about her. When they run into each other at a local bar, lightning strikes and sparks fly.

"Time freezes when my eyes meet hers for the first time. My tongue is thick in my mouth, my breathing shallow, my heart pounding impossibly fast, as I realize the exact shade of blue her eyes are. The name for the color comes to me in an instant.
Cerulean blue" -Kyle
"In that moment I forgot all of the things that weigh so heavily on me each and every day. They cease to exist and for those sixty seconds of perfection, I was the Kyle I used to be and not this fucked up version of myself I've been forced to accept for the past three years.
" -Kyle

She becomes the light of hope for him. I really enjoyed experiencing the growth of their relationship. Janny's love for him and support. Kyle's inner turmoil and fears. The struggles and uncertainties he faces... and folks, he really has some serious issues to be concerned about. Their love is beautiful and their sex is HOT!

Very, very well done, Jacob! I cannot wait until the second book, Quiver! Like for reals... Like soon... Come on.

There is a cliffhanger, just FYI for those that like to know :)

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