Friday, June 17, 2016

*** Sweet Spot Sisterhood Review Bundle! *** WEIGHTLESS by Kandi Steiner @KandiSteiner

Weightless by Kandi Steiner
Reviewed by Becky Grover
5 of 5 stars

This was a truly amazing story that encompasses very real-life characters in real-life situations. After a break up from a long-term relationship, Natalie deals with the realization that just about every one of her friends really didn't care about who she was and only used her for her privileges. Her world completely fell around her. She decided to get into better shape over the summer and try to take more control over her life (though at first she doesn't do it for the right reasons). That's when she met Rhodes. His reputation preceded him. He was known as the dangerous "bad boy" from her earlier high school days. He was also a bit of a mystery that she eventually found the courage to try and crack. And did I mention that he was gorgeous as well? They had an amazing chemistry together, but they fought it for a long time. She constantly felt like their time together would be fleeting but she continued to fight for him. He felt his past was too dark for her, as he saw her as so light, and he didn't want to tarnish her. He never felt like she should be with him. That she deserved better.
Will they be able to overcome the world being against them? Will they be able to overcome their own inner struggles or let them ruin their relationship?
This book felt oh so real to me and the learning process both Natalie and Rhodes travels through are emotions we all have to work through in some capacity as we come of age. They both feel so completely and intensely for each other and unapologetically so. They have no support (aside from Natalie's one friend) for their relationship and receive stares and negativity from others... but there's more to the story than just that. There's a mystery to be solved as well that will bring you to an oh my gosh moment toward the end! It is also both very hot and very sweet. I would recommend this book to everyone!

*** Reviewed for Sweet Spot Sisterhood ***

Reviewed by Anne Milne
5 of 5 stars

You need to read this book, it's simply stunning, the story, the writing, the characters, the emotions everything about it grabbed me and didn't let go. Rhodes sweet complicated Rhodes you will fall utterly in love with this man, you will want to hug him tight and never let go. Natalie I identified with her so much, her struggles, her anxieties, her fears and her hopes, I loved her so much, she's sweet, funny and so unsure of herself when she starts to fight back I cheered. The plot is different from anything I've read, this is easily one of my top reads this year.

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Reviewed by Vanessa Renee Place

This book is truly captivating. I couldn't put it down. I got no sleep and I was fine with that. The author writes beautifully. It's so hard to describe the way she grabs your attention, it's so subtle that its unexpected. This book has it all; love, friendship, heartache, thrill, compassion, fear, unknown pasts, I could go on and on. There were so many unexpected twists and turns. Some of it threw me for a loop. I was going to give you some of my favorite quotes but I hate spoilers. This book reaches down into your soul and just grabs ahold of you. It's truly hard to put into words what this book is. Rhodes and Natalie are amazing. They are everything that's real in the world. Two people who don't feel good enough for different reasons and they start to find their worth within each other, but will that be enough to keep the past in the past? This book is a must read for so many reasons. This was my first time reading this author but it won't be my last. 

**Reviewed for Sweet Spot Sisterhood**

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