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Review: Sweet Jayne by K Webster @KristiWebster

Sweet Jayne by K. Webster
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Sweet Jayne. I had no idea what to expect when I fired up this book on my kindle. Aside from the obvious... It's a K-freaking-Webster book! So yeah, I knew it would be spectacular. She's like the princess of dark and nasty...but like, dipped and coated in a cute and innocent shell! LOL ...but I digress. This was one of the more twisted, keep-you-guessing books I've read to date. Just when I begin to think that I can guess what is going on, something happens to wipe that thought away. I found myself saying, "what the actual fuck?" to myself I don't know how many times. For me, this is a good thing! Now on to the review.

Our heroine is a STRONG one. Nadia Jayne moves to the states from Argentina when her mother marries a wealthy man. Leaving her friends in her last year of high school to live in another country was not something she was happy about, but she was happy for her mother. Her new stepfather was another story altogether. She couldn't stand him. She could barely put up with his possessiveness and ego as he waltzed around town showing them off. What really got to her was the way he looked at her almost hungrily... He always seemed to be checking her out, hugging a bit too long, threatening to spank her if she was a bad girl. She was going to college soon though, so she only had to tolerate him for a few more months.

Our Hero. Who is our hero in this tale?... Maybe I won't tell you... let you guess... Mwahahahaha!

Donovan Jayne is Nadia's stepfather. He is stunningly gorgeous. He's tall and authoritative, but he has a very gentle side for Nadia. Everything around him ceases to exist when he is with her. She is his world. It is obvious that he will do anything for her, but how far will he push at the edges of acceptable behavior? Has her mother noticed anything odd in his behavior toward her?

When a traumatic kidnapping of Nadia's friend, Kasey, happens right before her eyes one morning all of Nadia Jayne's future plans change focus. She begins putting all of her energy into finding her friend with the unexpected help of her stepfather. They work as a team following leads and offering information to the police department in efforts to help find her friend. Almost ten years later, she still plans to never give up looking for her friend and will go to great lengths to do so.

Kasper, Kasey's brother, is filled with pure unadulterated hate for Nadia. He places the blame for his sister's abduction on Nadia. She should have been able to stop it or offer more information describing the abductor or his vehicle. She's holding back information. She's a stupid spoiled bitch. He constantly plots to avenge his sister and make Nadia, with her "perfect rich-girl life," pay for all that Kasey had lost.
There is only one problem.... . . . Nadia has been off the radar for three years and he can't find her anywhere.

Who has her? What has happened over the past three years? You will guess several times over and not truly be sure. This is a wild and crazy-ass ride that K puts us on! All buckled in tight, popcorn and a Jack and Coke at the ready! Maybe two! The level of deviant sexual punishment topped all of the scenes from any author I've read to date. If you've read this book, you know the scene!

The overall feel of this book is spectacular. There are limitless emotions throughout. The hopes and desperation. The horrors and solace. The scheming and wondering. The taboo and the perfect fit. The violence and the soothing. Up and down on the rollercoaster ride.... I hope you enjoy it as much as I did!!


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