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* Review * Summer Fling by Jerica MacMillan @JericaMacMillan

Summer Fling
by Jerica MacMillan


One summer is all they have ...

A chance encounter at a party brings Lance and Abby together.

Lance just graduated and has a summer internship. His parents expect him to come back to Texas to work in the family business at the end of the summer. He likes to have fun and doesn't want to be tied down too soon. Until he meets Abby.

Abby still has two years left of college and a mom who keeps her anchored near the town where she grew up. She is cautious in relationships, not letting people close. But Lance's persistence wears down her defenses. Knowing Lance is leaving, Abby tells herself it's just a summer fling.

Will that be enough to keep her from falling in love?
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Review by Becky Grover
5 of 5 stars

Summer Fling is a sweet and steamy college romance that I thought was very refreshing and fun to read. I felt like I was living vicariously through the characters dealing with new relationships and awkward situations often found at college parties. This book has the angst and confusion with the gray-area relationship status of "are we, or aren't we?" that we all love to have in a YA or NA romance. I love a good angsty novel!
Abby is a college student having just finished her sophomore year. She is an introvert. She likes to keep to herself. She is snarky and doesn't try to fit in with the stereotypical party crowd. She holds a lot of responsibility between working to keep up on paying rent and caring for her mother who lives 45 minutes away and has a lot of needs. Her father has always been gone, and her brother has also left her and her mother after coming of age. Abby is not one to let loose or take risks.
Lance is a new college graduate. He still lives with his college roommates while attending his internship. He is originally from out of state and is oozing with manners and southern charm. He has a notorious reputation for cycling through the ladies, never dating one more than once or twice. He may appear to be a womanizer, but he is always polite and treats women in his company with respect. When Lance meets Abby, there is something different about her that draws him to her. Her snippy, put-off attitude surprises him and throws him off center, but it's somehow endearing to him.
Their meet-cute happens at a college party that Abby's boisterous roommate, Megan, had dragged her to unwillingly. She didn't want to be there to begin with so she was already annoyed and tired of sitting in the corner when her drink spilled on her new sandals. As she made her way to the sink to clean up, she was bumped again and spilled the entire drink all over herself and the hot guy in front of her, Lance. Even more irritated, she attempts to dry off and get the sticky soda off of herself while Lance laughs and tries to keep the mood light and start up small talk. Abby is not having it and completely deflects him and heads for the door. Lance follows after her and offers her a ride home and so the pursuit begins...
I really loved this story. The characters both bring their own problems into the mix. Lance has to move to his home state after his internship ends and Abby has to finish college and remain a constant support for her mother. Abandonment issues, learning how to navigate a relationship, keeping attachment and emotions at bay, and convincing themselves they are just having fun for the summer is quite a recipe for the feels! I hope you enjoy this sweet romance as much as I did... Oh! I should mention, there are also some deliciously steamy scenes in the mix too! This couple is quite adorable, but they also know how to turn up the heat!


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