Sunday, June 26, 2016

* Sisterhood Review * BROKEN LOVE by Jillian Dodd @JillianDodd

Broken Love (Love #2) by Jillian Dodd
Reviewed by Anne Milne
5 of 5 stars

I'm a huge fan of Jillian's. Her style of writing is flawless and flows in a way that is easy to read. Palmer and Cade aren't together, but you can feel the love they have for each other. It's in every word on the page, every look, every interaction between them. They are like magnets, always drawn to each other. I liked how the story took us between past and present so we could see what happened between them and between Cade and Pike, Palmers brother. I couldn't put it down as I was so invested in their story. I wanted them to work it out, I wanted Pike to stop being an idiot and accept them even if he thought he had good reasons not to. It's a beautifully written second chance love story with secondary characters that I want to know more about. I can't wait for Pike's story.

****Reviewed For Sweet Spot Sisterhood****


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