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[Sisterhood Review Bundle] BLACK & WHITE FLOWERS by Rachel Robinson @rachelgrobinson

by Rachel Robinson


Carina Painter lives a life she created in between the pages of her bestselling novel. At least, that’s what she outwardly portrays. A heart-rending childhood followed by an abusive engagement leaves her broken in all ways possible. A chance encounter provides the fork in the road she so desperately desires.

Navy SEAL Smith Eppington is fighting the war of his lifetime. One that isn’t fought with weapons and highly sought intelligence. It’s a battle to remember his past. The accident that scarred seventy five percent of his body, and stole the life of his best friend also seized parts and pieces of his memory. When an author asks to interview him for a fiction novel, he’s ready to pour his heart out no matter the cost.

The friendship that blossoms between Smith and Carina is something extraordinary. It’s a living, breathing love story about finding yourself, change that is out of your control, grasping what you can, and letting go of everything else.

In a twist of kismet, remembering could destroy everything, but fiction may be what saves the day. A friendship built on new truths and a relationship torn apart by old lies collide in a poignant novel by International Bestselling Author, Rachel Robinson.

Review by Anne Milne

This is an emotional, thought provoking book that will tug at your heartstrings. 

Carina had a difficult childhood where she experienced physical and verbal abuse and unfortunately, her current relationship has descended into the same pattern of abuse. With the help and encouragement of her friend Jasmine, she finds the courage to leave. 

Smith is a Navy Seal who was badly injured on a mission. As well as his physical injuries, he has lost a large chunk of his memory, memories that involve his long term love Megan.
They meet when Carina who is a writer wants to write a book about the hardships and struggles that servicemen go through and Smith volunteers to be her muse.

This is a journey about falling in and out of love, letting go of the past, and healing.

The reason I gave 4 stars was even though it's a well written story, I didn't connect with the characters; I'm not sure I liked them at all.

reviewed for Sweet Spot Sisterhood Blog

Review by AnessaRenee
5 of 5 stars

Let me start off by saying, Wow! This was definitely an emotional read. At times I had to take a breather, because I felt like there was no way the story could keep going. I'd check the percentage and say to myself, OK, there's still time. The heroic aspect of this story was amazing. I felt like I could picture Smith as an everyday hero. We tend to look the other way or not think about what our soldiers do for us. 

When does honor or a person's word mean more than your own feelings? Can Smith learn to let his past go and move forward? His story got to me. I mean, besides this being a work of fiction, I realized that people wake up with amnesia and selective amnesia everyday. I couldn't even begin to fathom waking up to that kind of reality and I think the author does a great job of pretending those mixed emotions that Smith has to go through. There are times I want to shake him, but than I honestly tried to put myself in his shoes and it made me really think and stop for a minute.

Carina was another character that had it equal parts of cruel reality. Both of these characters are very real and are what people deal with on a daily basis. Her character, I felt, was very realistic. The childhood she grew up in created the present she found herself in. The friendship and love they both find is so uplifting. I hope that there is love like that for everyone. That at some point everyone can find someone who completes them and helps them become better. But don't let my words fool you, this story goes so many different ways. I found myself emotionally distressed for both of the characters for so many reasons. Even the side characters gripped my heart and I can't wait for the next book. This was an emotionally gripping book and yet has so much sappy romance and all the romantic words that you want while crying your eyes out. I enjoyed this story and the characters. 

*Reviewed for Sweet Spot Sisterhood*

Review by Becky Rendon

Talk about emotional upheaval! This book couldn't possibly have crammed in another twist of the knife if it tried.

Carina is a mess. Her life is it's own circle in Dante's Hell. Meeting Smith is like opening a door to a new world. But with all things new, you never know what you are going to get.

I read the first 20% of the book with my conspiracy theory radar up. I swore Megan was a bad guy. International spy ring, perhaps, Smith's accident was a hoax... anything to believe that wishes and dreams come true.

It was a very tense read adjusting to decisions that were made. I wanted to smack a few people with as much force as possible. Alas, things don't always work out the way we plan...

It's an interesting journey with guaranteed tears. You may not be sobbing, but you will cry for the heartache and loss.

reviewed for the Sweet Spot Sisterhood


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