Thursday, November 3, 2016

[Sisterhood Reviews] MEGABALLS by Erin Noelle @authorenoelle

by Erin Noelle


I've got 99 problems but money ain't one. Though a sister with cotton candy for brains, a spatula-wielding six-year-old niece with a British accent, and the mysterious businessman who left me that damn ticket are all currently vying for the top spot.

When I became the sole winner of a $270 million Megaball jackpot, thanks to a sexy stranger who left a lottery ticket instead of paying for his meal, my entire world flipped upside-down.

Now, with money-sucking vultures, douchebags by the dozens, and a horde of total hotties just waiting to get their mangy paws on my newfound fortune, I set out to locate the man who gifted me the winning ticket--to properly thank him.

However, when I finally find the cocky, self-absorbed business tycoon, Teague Goodman, I'm not sure whether I want to slap him... or ring his MEGABALLS.

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Review by Becky Rendon

Are you looking for Prince Charming? Do you need a man to help spend your new found millions? Are you pining after a man you spoke to for 5 minutes? Then you need to know how it will go on your journey, read Megaballs to find out.

Megaballs is big on fun, bigger on attitude, and a mega good time. So I'm corny but the only corn in this book is the farm. Oh and Corn Nut too, b u t don't call him that- it's mean.

When Erin Noelle gets and idea in her head, it's best to give her a pen and paper, computer, voice recorder or something. Megaballs is a perfect example. I was so excited to get a chance to read it before it came out. I was intrigued and curious. Then I started reading this fun and wildly entertaining book, I was cackling before 11%.

The acts that are covered in this book should only be done by trained professionals. Or in Farrah's case a trained seal. Fiona is too smart not to have a British accent and will definitely be seen on the real Master chef by 9- she will win the kids version next year at 7. Is it a guarantee, no but do you really doubt her?

If so, you haven't read the book. It is fun, zany, and has you shaking your head more often than not. You too may want to shake sense into Farrah, but well, that's a lost cause.

Meatballs is a must read for those looking for an adventure in the ridiculous, with a British accent, an underappreciated vocabulary. If you question your dedication to any of the above, read it anyway. it was a smile inducing, brain hurting, bloody good time!

reviewed for The Sweet Spot Sisterhood

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Review by Sam Lewis

This review of Megaballs by Erin Noelle is for The Sweet Spot Sisterhood Blog. Be prepared to laugh your ass off while reading this RomCom. Erin Noelle definitely hit the jackpot with this one. So go get your one click on with this 5 Star winner.

is the story of Finley, a 21 year old waitress trying to work her way through college and Teague, a sexy farmer from Iowa. Their paths cross when he comes to San Diego for a meeting and has dinner at the restaurant where she works. He gets a phone call and rushes out without paying. He left a Megaballs lottery ticket on the table. Unbeknownst to Finley, Teague had left his credit card back at the airport in Iowa and he had no was of paying. He left her the only thing of possible value besides his watch.

Finley goes to bed dreaming of Mr. Sexy eyes and wakes up realizing that she is indeed a multi-millionaire. Her world turns into total and utter chaos, but the one constant is Mr. Sexy eyes. Teague also can't stop thinking about Finley. He wants to go find her, but doesn't want her to think it is only because of the money. So they are in a catch 22. She doesn't know his name or where he is from and he doesn't want to come off as money hungry. In steps Fiona, the sassy British talking future chef niece of Finley. Fiona sets out to find Mr. Sexy eyes for her aunt and devises a scheme to get them to Iowa. Do they make it to Iowa and find Mr. Sexy eyes? What shenanigans do they get into along the way? You will have to read and find out what happens.

Although, this is the story of Teague and Finley, Fiona clearly steals the show. I just adore her. I just know that you will too.
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