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[Sisterhood Review Bundle] BANG GANG by Jade West @jadewestauthor

by Jade West


It’s one thing knowing your ex-boyfriend is a bit of a player, but it’s another thing altogether to find out he’s pimping himself out to anyone who’ll pay good money for it.

Not just himself, either. That would be far too regular for Darren Trent.

Darren Trent – my teenage sweetheart and father to my two young girls – is not just whoring himself out. Oh no. Darren Trent pimps himself out alongside four of his mechanic friends – all of them at the same time.

Five hot, sweaty mechanics at your service.

They call themselves the Bang Gang… you can imagine.

In a village our
size, I should keep my head down and hope the scandal blows over before the girls or my poor old Nanna catch wind of it.

Only it’s not blowing over. Far from it. It seems every woman in the village wants themselves a five-mechanic sandwich.

They make no qualms about it, either. Just rock on up to my café counter and ask how they can book themselves in for a Bang Gang special. Like I would know.

I definitely wouldn’t know. I hardly even know Darren Trent anymore. We split up a lifetime ago.

I definitely don’t think about him late at night. Don’t think about five mechanics and me as much as every other woman in this village.

And even if I did, I wouldn’t act on it. I wouldn’t draw the money from my savings account and have a go for myself.

And even if I did that, I definitely, definitely wouldn’t fall for him. Not again. Not after everything we went through. Not after splitting up the first time nearly brought me to my knees.

Not after settling into a decent routine, the girls and me, with no drama, no heartbreak, no crazy passions to rock the calm little boat we’re sailing on.

I mean, who would be stupid enough to risk all that over a hot, sweaty, oily bit of rough like Darren Trent?


Review by Sam Lewis

This review of Bang Gang by Jade West is for The Sweet Spot Sisterhood Blog. Let me just start by saying if you like hot menage then this book is for you. By hot, I mean scorching! I give this book 5 Scorching Hot Stars!

Darren Trent is just your average bloke running an auto repair garage. That is until he and the four other guys that work for him start offering off-the-book tune-ups! They call themselves the Bang Gang, and bang do they ever.

Trent's ex, Jodie, gets wind of it and let's him have it. They have two kids together and she doesn't want it to get back to them. Will Trent stop his gigolo ways for Jodie or will the Bang Gang keep on banging? Go one-click this bad boy to find out.


Review by Becky Rendon

Awkward is going to hang with the girls and learning your ex - the father of your children - is a gigolo. You heard me. Mother of two goes for coffee with the ladies to learn her baby daddy rode train on her friend. I can't even comprehend the amount of mortification involved.

The man you loved since you were a teen being paid for orgies. Definitely an unusual circumstance, I hope. I knew this book would be interesting. I knew it would be entertaining. Most of all, I knew it would be hot, filthy fu...n- fun. Jade West has a way with writing sex. You always feel apart of the action and naughty is never a bad thing.

Bang Gang is hot. It is a tease. It is a tantalizing tale for your heart, your mind, and the pulsing points on your body. Bang Gang is the whole package. It's a story that has some not-your-everyday-sex scenes, but it is a story first.

Lots of incredible sex...yes
A storyline rife with troubles...yes
Insanely hot's Jade West!?!

This book has it all and my imagined accents running through my head did not hurt at all. I loved the raunchy flings, the second chance, and the ending.

Is it wrong to hope the others get a taste of what happened for Jodie and Darren?

reviewed for The Sweet Spot Sisterhood

Review by Anne Milne

Well, Jade's done it again - she pulled me in and didn't let go.
Jodie and Darren were childhood sweethearts and are parents to two adorable girls, but they are not together. Jodie has lost herself along the way between looking after the girls, Nanna, and work. She's made the mistake all mums do, she's forgotten about herself. Darren is a garage owner and works there with his mates and to make some extra money they have an ingenious filthy idea, and the Bang Gang is born.
I really liked Darren, he's a bit clueless, but he's adorable, sweet, and an absolutely brilliant father. I loved all the banter between him and Jade. You can tell there was an unfinished business between them, but there is so much she doesn't know and secrets never stay hidden for long.
If you love when Jade gets dirty and naughty then you will love this book.

*Reviewed for Sweet Spot Sisterhood Blog


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