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[Sisterhood Review Bundle] DELVE by Jacob Chance @BrotherChance

by Jacob Chance


Forbidden Romance - Stand Alone

He was my brother’s best friend and seven years older than me.
He was a tatted up bad boy, indulging in one night stands like they were going out of style.
So why did I want to tear his clothes off every time we got within five feet of each other?

She was only eighteen years old when we met for the first time.
She was a good girl who avoided guys like me, but that didn’t stop me from picturing all the things I wanted to do with her-- do to her. She was too young though, and my best friend’s baby sister. I couldn’t let things go where I wanted. I couldn’t touch her--couldn’t taint her with my darkness. I knew it could never happen. It would never happen…
but it did.


Review by Anne Milne

I've really enjoyed the previous books in this series and this was no exception.
We've met Derek in the previous stories, but everything I thought I knew was turned on its head. Kyle's little sister, Kenna, and Derek, his best friend, have a tumultuous relationship. It's full of push and pull, lust and passion. How will Kyle deal with them as a couple, can Derek look past their age gap?
Another scorching hot romance that I loved.

*Reviewed for Sweet Spot Sisterhood Blog


Review by Sam Lewis
5 of 5 stars

This review of Delve by Jacob Chance is for The Sweet Spot Sisterhood Blog. Jacob Chance has another hit on his hands. I couldn't wait to read Delve. This book is an interconnected standalone in the Quake and Quiver series. So you need not have read the first two. Delve is the story of Kenna, Kyle's little sister, and Derek, Kyle's best friend. Jenna and Derek have been skating around their feelings for a while now. What will happen if the finally give in? Sexual tension at its finest! Be sure to pick up your copy to find out. It will be well worth it. I have read a loved all three books so far. Delve is a quick 5 Star read.

Review by Becky Grover

Delve is a standalone that splits off from the Quake series with some interconnected characters. We get to see glimpses of the characters we got to know and enjoy in that series. 

Delve was a quick, hot read with lots of angst, emotional walls and inner demon fighting. The hero and heroine, Derek and Kenna, fight their feelings and deny their magnetic pull to each other.... for the most part. They have lapses in judgment, and snap on occasion with brief, hot moments together. But they can't be together. She thinks he will never change and never be a one-woman guy, and he knows he is forbidden from touching her. She's his best friend's sister! See what happens as they endure all kinds of drama and danger! 

I enjoyed the story. It was a quick read, which is nice to have sometimes. There was no shortage of hot, steamy moments. I did have a little trouble keeping the timeline straight at the beginning, as it seemed to change out of nowhere, but maybe it was just me not paying attention. After about 10% in, I was on track, lol! 

reviewed by Sweet Spot Sisterhood

Review by Becky Rendon

Derek's turn.

In Quake and Quiver, we get to meet Kyle. But Derek is starring in Delve with Kenna, Kyle's little sister.

Delve begins where Quiver left off.
Creepy guy and questions are still present. But it's hard to look past the chemistry that Derek and Kenna ignite. What's not to love about falling for your older brother's best friend. Oh, well, yeah he's a manwhore, but...

Yeah, it's probably best you read it yourself.

Reviewed for The Sweet Spot Sisterhood


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