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[Sisterhood Review Bundle] LOVE A BOSS by Logan Chance @BrotherChance

(Like A Boss #2)
by Logan Chance


The music had all but played out. My life was in turmoil. My only fault was falling for my new boss.

Penelope Marks is now the boss of Lopa, a tiki bar in the heart of South Beach.
Theo Sullivan is still the owner, who sold his soul to the devil himself.

What will these two do to overcome the forces trying to keep them apart?
Continue with the Boss Duet as Theo and Penny try to take down the ones making their lives miserable. 


Review by Sam Lewis

This review of Love A Boss by Logan Chance is for The Sweet Spot Sisterhood Blog. Logan Chance has another hit on his hands. Love A Boss is the highly anticipated follow-up to his debut book Like A Boss. I loved this book and give it 5 Gold Stars! Definitely one-click worthy.

Love A Boss continues the story of Penny, Theo, and The Lopa. When we last left off, Penny had come waltzing into the Lopa as the new manager and engaged to Theo's nemesis and half-brother, Dex. Theo is devastated. Theo knows something happened, can he get to the bottom of it? Has Penny sold herself to the devil? Is it too late for them or will they make it through together?


Review by Becky Grover
4 of 5 stars (4.5)

I couldn't wait to get my hands on this book to see what happens after the ending of book 1, Like A Boss. I have loved the dynamics between these two characters and the banter they often exchange. They can both be equally aggressive and sweet in the way they interact. The push and pull between them is so delicious and really hooks me in.

Penny, our heroine, is feisty and intelligent. She's a very strong character, but we see her in a different position this time around. She is seemingly backed into a corner professionally and with this engagement to Dex, Theo's brother. Theo knows that something is not adding up, that there's something that has a hold on Penny, making her go through with these decisions. At the same time, he has moments of doubt, thinking perhaps she played him the whole time. His emotions are all over the place. There are some twists and turns that I happily didn't see coming.

To what lengths will Theo go to unravel this secret? What will he find out, and, what will the consequences be? Is there any hope for a future between Penny and Theo?

I would highly recommend this book and series!
A job well done, Logan!

reviewed by Sweet Spot Sisterhood

Review by Becky Rendon
4 of 5 stars

When Love a Boss starts, your tongue is already on the floor from the most asinine revelation. You will not be able to pick your jaw up from the floor through most of this book. The details that pop up leaving you shaking your head or your fist (some from left field) and they are definitely a surprise.

But don't let me sway you into believing it isn't a steamy, filthy talking hot rendezvous kind of book. It's all that and more. I barreled through the both of them in a little over four hours. Trying to find out everything.

Logan certain has a way with lists and filthy f@ckery. I am a new fan and I think I need to explore his dark side more!

Lots of fun, some straight up adorkableness, and plenty of scorching chemistry!

reviewed for The Sweet Spot Sisterhood

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